1:1 Chromebook Initiative

September 9, 2017 - chromebook


Starting Monday, a coffee emporium will be open for breakfast and lunch. all coffees, teas, and lemonades are $1.75. Also we will be carrying full breakfasts starting Monday as well. Don’t forget, if we are giveaway or reduced, we can get your breakfast giveaway or reduced as well.

Looking for village use hours? Then join Leo Club! Our initial assembly is Wednesday during 2:30- 3:00 in Ms. Thomas’s room, room 115.

Big Walnut Local School District will be on a list on Nov 7, 2017

Combined Issue: 6.60 Mill Bond Issue 1.25 Mill P.I. Levy

The sum millage for a total list emanate is 7.85 mills. This volume includes 6.60 mills for a bond emanate and 1.25 mills for a permanent alleviation levy. Based on estimated expansion of skill value in a village and a devise of financial that phases in a bond emanate debt during 4 apart years, a propagandize district does not design a full volume of 7.85 mills to be collected early in a amends schedule. The following are estimated millage amounts and costs per $100,000 of marketplace value during a initial few years and eventually might strech a list volume toward a finish of a 37-year repayment.

Please check behind between now and choosing day for additional information on a list issue. Please email any questions to facilitymatters@bwls.net or call 740-965-3010.

Instructional Technology

As a district, we are committed to providing a students with record expereinces that will concede them to be successful in a real-world.

Big Walnut Philosophy of Instructional Technology

Instructional record will be used to actively rivet students, compelling personalized instruction and growth.

Instructional record will be used as a apparatus to open new training opportunities that extend into real-world application.

Instructional record should supplement, rather than replace, tellurian communication and hands-on training experiences.

As a approach to yield this apparatus to students, we have begun implementing a 1:1 Chromebook initiative.

2016-17: All 9th – 12th category students perceived a Chromebook.

2017-18: All 5th – 8th category students will accept a Chromebook.

2019-20: A cabinet will assemble to establish a truth of enlightening record during a facile turn and make a integrity about devices.

High School Highlights by Andy Jados

Weekly Updates from Big Walnut High School

August 9, 2017


Believe it or not, a doors of BWHS will open in only one week to acquire a students to a 2017-2018 propagandize year! We are really vehement to flog off another sparkling and successful propagandize year with your students. Please demeanour over this “Back to School” book of High School Highlights for some critical news that we don’t wish to miss.

Enjoy your final week of summer vacation!

Schedules for 2017-2018

Student schedules for a 2017-2018 propagandize year are now accessible on PowerSchool. All students should be means to log-in and see this year’s schedule. Please be certain to do this before a start of propagandize subsequent week so your son or daughter is prepared for a initial day of school.

Please note a following concerning news changes:

No news changes will be done Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of subsequent week (August 14-16).

Students are accessible to dump an elective category to a investigate gymnasium or to an accessible elective offering a same period. Students are also accessible to collect adult an elective accessible during their scheduled investigate hall.

Students are NOT accessible to make news changes to change teachers, change lunch durations or change a core class.

If we have any questions, greatfully hit a propagandize conversing bureau during 740-965-2243.

Is your e-mail correct?

Please make certain we have a scold e-mail residence on record with BWHS. This will safeguard that we accept a couple to finish a compulsory back-to-school information forms for your student(s). If we need to refurbish your e-mail address, or do not have online access, greatfully hit a categorical bureau (740-965-3766).

Open House

Please devise to attend BWHS’ Open House on Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017 during 6:30 p.m. This is a possibility for we to accommodate your student’s teachers for a 2017-2018 propagandize year and hear about a courses they are enrolled in. We strongly enthuse all parents/guardians to attend.

Stay Connected with BWHS

Please make certain we are removing a latest information from BWHS by doing a following:

Have we sealed adult with Eagle-i? This ensures we get district e-mails, texts and all-calls.

On Facebook, like a Big Walnut High School page.

Follow @AndyJados on Twitter.

Freshmen and New Students: Eagles’ First Flight and Chromebook Distribution

Attention all freshmen and new students—our annual course program, Eagles’ First Flight, will be hold on Tuesday, Aug 15. Buses will be supposing and will collect your students adult in a morning during a same time they would be picked adult during a propagandize year. This eventuality will interpretation around noon and afterwards students will house their train to lapse home. If your child will be roving a train in a morning during a propagandize year, we enthuse them to float a train in a morning on this day as well. If we intend to dump your tyro off and have them float a train home, greatfully be certain that they know their train #. Freshmen and new students will be related with upperclass mentors as they uncover them critical areas of a school, travel them by a standard day, and share other information that will assistance with their transition to BWHS. We rarely enthuse all freshmen and new students to attend. Students will accept a t-shirt and lunch is provided. We are vehement to acquire a category of 2021 and those new to a district and wish to see them all on Aug 15.

We have hold both of a chromebook placement days for freshmen and new students. If we missed these dates, and have nonetheless to pick-up your chromebook, greatfully hit a categorical bureau (740-965-3766).

Seniors: Meningitis Vaccine Reminder

We wish to remind all a seniors that they are compulsory by a State of Ohio to have their meningitis vaccination. Proof of this vaccination is indispensable from your health caring provider and contingency be submitted by Sep 5th. Please hit Megan Truax, district nurse, with any questions or concerns (megantruax@bwls.net). Thank you!

BWMS Parent Update by Josh Frame


Welcome to a 2017-18 School Year

The expertise and staff are vehement for a commencement of a new propagandize year. We wish a propagandize to be a protected place for your tyro – a place to call home. We trust in a goal to enthuse and beam any of a students to their limit potential. To accomplish this task, we work tough to personalize instruction, rivet students and use information to support learning.

As a school, we essay to S.O.A.R Above a Line in terms of a actions and behavior. We value Scholarship, Ownership, Awareness and Respect. When Events occur, we wish a Responses to definitely impact a Outcome since E + R = O

Personally, we can't wait for we to hear from your tyro how most they adore BWMS!

If we ever have any questions or concerns, greatfully do not demur to give us a call.


Mr. Josh Frame

Important Information to Start a Year

• Schedules have been posted Online in PowerSchool to embody a tyro locker information.

• We entice all of a Parents and Students to a BWMS Meet Greet on Tuesday Aug 15th. We will start in a Gym during 2:00 with a introduction of all of a staff followed by an spontaneous nod within a reputable classrooms until 3:00.

• Bus Routes are Posted Online HERE. If we have a doubt about your train route, we can call Transportation during 740-965-8967

• Unfortunately, BWMS can't yield organisation of students until 7:15 AM so we ask that relatives arrange dump off schedules accordingly. At that time, all students news to a cafeteria until they are expelled during a initial bell during 7:30 AM.

• Parent Drop Off and Pick Up should use Fairlawn Drive. This is for a reserve of a students roving a buses opening in from a Cheshire Road entrance. We ask that we lift all a approach down to a Orange Cone so we can dump off and collect adult as many students as possible.

• All students will accept a duplicate of their news in 1st duration category on Wednesday Aug 16th. 1st duration classes will be posted in a tyro areas.

Stay Connected with BWMS

• Connect with Eagle-I Sign Up for e-Communication Notifications

• BWMS will send out Announcements Periodically via a week to keep others informed. As always, we advise that we follow us on Social Media @BigWalnutMS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to stay adult to date.

Upcoming Events


4 Labor Day (no school)

8 Back-to-School Dance, Time: 6:30 to 8:30

Athletic Updates

Reminder that all athletes should have their final forms finish and tough duplicate of a earthy submitted before to participation.

Our BWLS 2020 Vision

What is it? Most importantly, as Big Walnut works by their Mission and Vision, what does that demeanour like in a brief term?

This infographic explains it, this video helps yield a visual, or click here for a peculiarity profile.

Principal – Big Walnut Middle School

777 Cheshire Road, Sunbury



Dear Souders’ Families,

August signals many things-hot weather, tumble sports seasons and a start of school. While we still have a few weeks of summer remaining, a initial day of propagandize will be here soon. It is never too early to start to get ready. we would enthuse students to start to get into a propagandize slight before propagandize indeed begins. Even as principal, we find a summer slight is a most easier composition than a propagandize routine!

Parents are a partners in ensuring tyro success. To build this partnership, we will yield timely information by a district and building websites. We tell a newsletter that is accessible electronically. Should we enterprise a paper duplicate of a newsletter, only hit a office. The newsletter contains critical dates and arriving events as good as news from a classrooms. We also use a primogenitor presentation complement that allows us to send messages to a whole building, smaller groups of students (for example, one category turn or students on train 12), or staff. Please safeguard your hit information is stream to safeguard we do not skip critical information. Also, greatfully symbol your calendar for critical behind to propagandize dates.

I demeanour brazen to operative with you. Please hit me with any questions or concerns. My bureau write series is 740 965-3200 and my propagandize email residence is mattcox@bwls.net.

Thank you,

Mr. Cox, Principal

School Expenses

* School Fees this year to $55/year

* Full Day Kindergarten Tuition: $175/month

* Preschool Tuition: $165/month

* Breakfast Cost: Full Price- $1.25 Reduced Price- $.30

* Lunch Cost: Full Price- $2.50 Reduced Price- $.40

Quote of The Month:

Character is doing a right thing, winning those battles in your heart and mind between what we wish to do and what we should do.

James C. Hunter in The Servant

Cafeteria Staff

Mary Ann Heiden, Patty Sena, Tawnie Antill

Classroom Teachers

Preschool-Awny Kingsley, clergyman and Meg Petty, aide

Kindergarten-Mandy Bailey, Anna Norton, and Maria Tarney

1st Grade-Kaylee Hewitt, Stephen Kreiner, and Karlee Cannell

2nd Grade-Melanie Gathers, Pam Tribble, and Kelly Wildermuth

3rd Grade-Lisa Andrews, Kristina Collins, and Amy Kessler

4th Grade-Penny Desormeaux, Amanda Statler, and Matt Wilson


Matt Smith, Josh Hall

Head Start

Sara Erwin

Intervention Specialists

Jenn Waszil, Marie Beck


Blanda Lynam

Office Staff

Chris Wolfe- Secretary

Tiffany VonAlmen- Clerical Assistant

Katie Grijak- Instructional Facilitator

Matt Cox- Principal

School Psychologists

Megan Duran, Hillary Pulliam


Justin Heck- Music, Chris Epstein- Art, Jordan Blosser- STEM, Scottie Hefner- PE

Support Staff

Katie Yaeger- Gifted

Heidi Curtin- Tutor

Katrina Jacobson- Tutor

Rebecca Hawk-Tutor

Laura Gallo-Educational Aide

Christie Johnson-Stuber-Occupational Therapist

Leslie Shryock-Physical Therapist

Deanna McCauley-Speech/Language Pathologist

Upcoming Important Dates:

September 4:

Labor Day-No School

September 7:

Doughnuts with Dad

September 8:

PTO Fall Fundraiser Kick Off

September 18:

Curriculum Day-No School

Back to School Tips

1. Start environment a slight during slightest one week before school.

2. Set expectations.

3. Mark critical propagandize events on calendar.

4. Update critical hit information.

5. Reach out to propagandize staff about any needs or concerns.

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Staff Report

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