40 Chromebook tips for limit capability | Computerworld

November 18, 2017 - chromebook

Chromebooks competence be all about simplicity, though don’t be fooled: Beneath their discerning outdoor covering lies a web of modernized options. And we don’t have to be a energy user to welcome it.

Make your approach by these 40 tips, and you’ll be zipping around Chrome OS like a pro in no time.

Getting around Chrome OS

1. The Chrome OS launcher — a app-drawer-like interface that appears when we daub a Search pivotal or strike a round idol in a lower-left dilemma of a shade — is indeed a absolute concept hunt tool. Just start typing as shortly as it appears, and we can find and open apps, lift adult websites and even get answers to specific questions right afterwards and there.

Chromebook Chrome OS tips - launcher searchJR Raphael / IDG

The Chrome OS launcher can lift adult apps and websites and perform all sorts of search-related functions.

2. The launcher has some dark additional powers, too. Try typing in calculations (“172.4/3”), for instance, or territory conversions (“14.9 feet to meters”) for discerning answers.