5 ways to make a Chromebook feel some-more like a MacBook

December 20, 2017 - chromebook

If we picked adult a Chromebook to reinstate or addition a MacBook ($1,238.00 during Amazon.com), afterwards there will be a slight composition duration as we learn a details and outs of a streamlined Chrome OS. Chrome OS will never be means to do all of a things that a some-more formidable MacOS can do, though that doesn’t meant there aren’t a few ways to make your Chromebook feel a bit some-more like your MacBook.

1. Swap Alt and Control keys

One of a initial things a MacBook user competence do on a Chromebook is incorrectly strike a Alt pivotal instead of a Control pivotal since on a MacBook keyboard, we use a Command pivotal for many keyboard shortcuts such as cut, duplicate and paste. And a MacBook’s Command pivotal is directly to a left of a spacebar, usually as a Alt pivotal is on a Chromebook. Thankfully, we can reassign a Alt and Control keys on a Chromebook. Just click your comment form design in a bottom-right dilemma and afterwards click a rigging icon. From a Settings window, corkscrew down to a Device territory and click Keyboard and afterwards allot a Ctrl pivotal as Alt and a Alt pivotal as Ctrl.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

2. Mission Control gesture

A Chromebook’s touchpad doesn’t underline all of a many gestures afforded to we on a MacBook’s touchpad, though it lets we two-finger corkscrew to navigate adult and down web pages and it facilities a useful three-finger gesticulate that mimics Mission Control in MacOS where we can perspective all of your open windows. Instead of swiping adult with 4 fingers as we would on a MacBook, appropriate down with 3 fingers on a Chromebook to see thumbnails of all of your open windows.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

3. Open as window

Chrome OS can start feeling like usually a Chrome browser if each time we launch an app, it merely opens another add-on in Chrome. But there is a approach to make apps open in their possess windows. Doing so not usually creates sophistry mixed apps easier since they aren’t all tangled into your browser, though it also creates Chrome OS feel some-more like a entirely functioning handling complement where we can have a crowd of windows widespread opposite your desktop.

To set an app to open in a possess window, we contingency initial pin it to a app launcher shelf. To do that, click a Launcher symbol in a bottom-left dilemma and from a grid of your apps, right-click on an app idol and name Pin to shelf. (You can also usually click to open an app and afterwards right-click a idol on a shelf and name Pin.)

Once an app has been pinned to a shelf, right-click on a idol there and name Open as window. Now, when we launch a app, it will open in a possess window that removes a browser controls of a customary Chrome window. It’s still a Chrome window, though it feels like a possess thing.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

4. Shift-Escape = Option-Command-Escape

As a MacBook user, we are expected informed with a Option-Command-Escape keyboard by-pass that calls adult a Force Quit menu where we can quit out of an app that’s not responding. When an app hangs on Chromebook, strike Shift-Escape to call adult Chrome’s Task Manager. Since Chrome apps are a usually kinds of apps that a Chromebook runs, Chrome’s Task Manager is a usually charge manager we need on a Chromebook. Just click on a app that’s giving we problems and strike a End Process button.

5. iCloud shortcut

If we have changed on from your MacBook though not from iCloud, give Launchpad for iCloud a try. It’s a Chrome prolongation that creates a by-pass to your iCloud files and apps. It installs a small cloud idol symbol to a right of Chrome’s URL bar. Click it and it opens a row with buttons for Mail, Photos, iCloud Drive, Pages, Numbers and more. Each opens a new add-on in Chrome. It’s faster than manually navigating to iCloud.com.

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