64GB Samsung Chromebook Pro Pops Up At Best Buy But Is It Worth It?

November 6, 2017 - chromebook

Now that Google’s Pixelbook is creation a rounds in a hands of users everywhere, we’re left wondering “what’s subsequent for a universe of Chrome OS?”

We now know there is a some-more absolute Samsung Chromebook Pro shortly to come and ASUS has finally launched another pattern of my personal favorite, the Flip C302.

While a courtesy competence be on a “next large thing” in a Chromebook arena, Samsung has snuck in a movement of a already renouned Chromebook Pro and frankly, we didn’t see it coming.

Just in time for a holiday selling season, a 64GB indication of a Core M3 Pro has popped adult on Best Buy’s website for $599. It’s good to see some accumulation in a higher-end Chromebook marketplace yet we have to ask, “is doubling a storage space unequivocally value dropping 6 hundred dollars?”

I did some digging around to see if this indication was arrangement adult anywhere else including Samsung’s website and it’s not. No puncture opposite Best Buy yet it isn’t surprising for online retailers to tell improper information on PC inclination yet we will notice from a inventory a singular indication number. Combined with a aloft price, I’m prone to feel a new indication is legit.

I’ll go forward an share my opinion and that opinion is NO, not even remotely value that income with a marketplace sitting where it is and I’ll tell we why.

First, we have a strange Samsung Chromebook Pro that can be had for $499 from a series of retailers a a moment. The MSRP competence be $549 yet honestly, a 32GB Pro carries a sub-five hundred cost tab a lot some-more comfortably.

Here me out. we am in no approach observant a Pro isn’t a good device. I’m typing on one during this unequivocally impulse yet we have always hold to a idea that it should be $499 and still do.

Then we have a ASUS Flip Chromebook C302. For $460, we can get a same internals in a device that we feel has a improved build quality. we do welfare a demeanour and a feel of a ASUS over a Samsung yet personal welfare aside, it’s some-more crash for a sire any approach we cut it.

Not to discuss a fact that we can now get a Core M5 ASUS with 64GB of storage for usually $50 some-more than a new Samsung. If a Pro is going to cost this much, Samsung unequivocally should have doubled a RAM.

Yes, a Samsung offers that super-bright, 3:2 arrangement and it’s pleasing yet a ASUS is no slump and 12.5″ Full HD arrangement is substantially improved than a normal consumer is regulating currently.

The Samsung also offers a built-in stylus and that underline is a vital hot-button for those users that will indeed use it. I, however, find small use for a stylus it positively doesn’t aver a additional dollars.

Back to a new, 64GB Samsung Pro. When compared to Google’s new Chromebook, $600 only seems uncomfortably high for a device with a prior era M3 processor, half a storage and fewer tricks adult a sleeve than a Pixelbook.

Now, we know that storage is a large understanding to many, generally with Android apps, Crouton and a probability of future capabilities entrance to Chrome OS. Let’s be honest, though. If we need that storage and we are already a Chromebook user, you’ve expected schooled to conduct a space we have efficiently.

I’m nowhere nearby maxing out a storage on a Pro and even have an SD label in a expandable storage container that has NOTHING on it. If storage is a large understanding to you, expected you’re already eyeing a $999 Pixelbook or patiently watchful for improved read/write entrance to outmost storage.

Wrap Up

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is still one of a best inclination of 2017 and $499 for a 32GB indication feels like a honeyed mark yet another hundred dollars only to supplement a small storage creates 0 clarity to me. When inclination like a ASUS C302 are equally able and cost significantly less, we unequivocally can’t see myself recommending this new variation.

That’s my dual cents yet if a latest charity from Samsung is only what you’re looking for, we have my blessing. You won’t be unhappy with a Chromebook. I’m only unhappy with a price.

Special interjection to Maison Pulaski and Alvin Chin for pity a new Samsung listing.

source ⦿ https://chromeunboxed.com/news/samsung-chromebook-pro-64gb-best-buy-but-is-it-worth-it/

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