Acer Chromebook 15 (2016) review

February 6, 2018 - chromebook

This is a examination of a 2016 Acer Chromebook 15, for a impressions of a latest model, be certain to check out a 2017 Acer Chromebook 15 review.

Chromebooks have spin totally cemented in a tiny cover market. Through a final several years, manufacturers have been operative on perfecting their cloud-based offerings and have expelled some truly mind-blowing laptops, such as a reward 11-inch Samsung Chromebook 2 and 13-inch Toshiba Chromebook 2, one of a initial models with a pleasing 1080p display.

Today, we have something fresh, nonetheless somehow unequivocally informed in front of us with a a world’s initial 15-inch Chromebook from Acer. Aptly named a Acer Chromebook 15, this appurtenance is not customarily a largest Chrome OS cover ever made, it’s also a unequivocally initial that’s come versed with Intel’s 5th era Celeron processors.

Despite all these changes, a Chromebook 15 still comes during a unequivocally affordable $349 ( £249, about AU$458). That’s distant reduction than a $500 that you’d customarily spend on a bill Windows laptop, and well, this Acer laptop has utterly a few facilities that will spin your conduct and make we cruise it above all others.


In a marketplace that’s filled with so many 13-inch Chromebooks, a Acer Chromebook 15 looks officious gigantic. Obviously a laptop this vast for this cost will meant approach some-more plastic, yet Acer has unequivocally finished a illusory pursuit during creation this Chromebook feel organisation and robust.

The laptop’s whole cosmetic extraneous is also enclosed in a net-like texture. The whole laptop has been given this finish including a lid, bottom and a backside of a shade hinges. So, no matter how you’re carrying around a Chromebook 15, we won’t have to worry about losing your grip. This woven finish also only feels most warmer than a chunk of well-spoken plastic.

Open adult a laptop, and you’ll be greeted with a massive, 15.6-inch arrangement that somehow absorbs any light that hits it wholly and dissipates it, expelling any reflections or glare. Acer calls this a ComfyView anti-glare display, and it’s most easier on my eyes. Even with a shade incited off, it resembles something some-more of a dim satin piece compared to a counterpart like glaze that comes off other notebooks given with with silken panels.

Just underneath this pleasing screen, you’ll find even some-more space for activities. The atmospheric keyboard rug leaves copiousness of room for a full-size keyboard yet any truncated tilde keys or brief change bars. we would have desired to see a series pad as well, yet Acer indifferent a space for dual vast orator grills on any side of a keyboard.

Towards a bottom there’s also a vast trackpad, that – not distinct a new MacBook – will click in no matter where we press on it. You’ll wish to be clever about dire in too deeply around a trackpads dual bottom edges, though, as it bends a few millimeters underneath a palm rests.

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