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November 4, 2017 - chromebook

With touchscreens apropos a customary underline in recently expelled Chromebooks, Google’s pierce to refurbish Chrome OS with some-more touch-friendly optimizations — mostly borrowed from Android — is not all too surprising.

However, what’s startling is how healthy this updated Chrome OS feels, excelling on inscription form factors and automobile laptops, like a Acer Chromebook Spin 11. At this rate, buyers are not usually removing a quick and secure laptop, nonetheless also a good tablet-esque knowledge with their Chromebook.

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Hardware and Design

Acer’s convertible Chromebooks have not drastically altered their design, nonetheless rather continued on a trail of excellence that provides gradual, nonetheless conspicuous improvements. On their initial convertible, a R 11, Acer used 4 rubber nubbins during any dilemma to lift a laptop so that a keyboard would not rest on a belligerent when flipped for “Display mode.”

With a Spin 11, Acer went for a mouth that serves as a limit around a keyboard and palm rests. This is aesthetically some-more appreciative and plain given how my R 11 mislaid a nubbin after twin years, ensuing in a prejudiced wobble. However, with a Spin 11, we did find myself frequently snagging my palm on a mouth nearby a palm rest. It’s a one teenager nuisance that we so distant have not been means to adjust to.

Meanwhile, we conclude Acer relocating a station light from front-right dilemma to a side subsequent to a charging pier and energy symbol so that a irritating flashing light isn’t always visible.

Another pattern choice that Acer brought over to a Spin 11 is a black support around a display. On a white unit, it creates for a “panda” look, that we have to acknowledge is rather good when joined with a likewise dim keys. However, I’d privately opt for a totally black section that will be somewhat harder to find than a white section in many sell channels.

A branding choice that baffles me is a “Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass” wordmark printed underneath a potion in a top-left corner. If we haven’t insincere already, this potion is antimicrobial, in further to being tough, it resists fragrance and mark growth. Given a touch-heavy use this is a glorious feature, nonetheless one that we wish was minimally advertised. The shade during assuage liughtness does not quite prominence a logo, nonetheless in any plcae with assuage light we will see it glimmer out of a dilemma of your eye.

acer-chromebook-spin-11-1 acer-chromebook-spin-11-3 acer-chromebook-spin-11-6

The Spin 11 is a imperishable device that adheres to a U.S. MIL-STD 810G troops customary for falls adult to 4 feet and adult to 132 pounds of vigour that could be compared with someone station on a laptop.

However, a some-more useful environmental proofing is a drainage complement (check out a drainage holes on a underside) that allows adult to 11 ounces of H2O to be spilled over a keyboard and keeps potion divided from vicious components.

In my weeks with this device, we have not indispensable to take advantage of these measures. However, it does outcome in assent of mind that we wish some-more costly laptops — looking during we MacBook — would take identical measures to urge costly purchases opposite common accidents.

Another thing Apple’s skinny and light machines should duplicate are a twin USB-C and USB-A ports on both sides of a laptop. Either USB-C container can be used to assign a Chromebook, while an SD label container is a good convenience.

Display and Modes

While a arrangement usually has a 1366 x 768 fortitude during 11.6-inches, a IPS quarrel allows for far-reaching observation angles that opposite a not too high pixels per in. (PPI) count. It is bright, vivid, and an alleviation over a Chromebooks of yesteryear.

Acer mostly touts a law 360 grade dual-torque hinge on a convertibles that allows four observation modes. we can attest for this continuance as it has remained unbending for a past twin years on my Chromebook.

Display mode — where a keyboard is confronting downward and a arrangement is confronting a user — is increasingly my favorite approach to use a touch-optimized Chrome OS. Putting my legs up, a Chromebook in this mode rests on my thighs while we resting crop a sold prolonged essay or review a book.

I’ve also found myself regulating a Chromebook in mural inscription mode. The 16:9 ratio arrangement looks a bit slight when noticed this approach and unfortunately a low-res is in full display, with zooming compulsory on some-more image-heavy sites. However, it is glorious when reading content and creates for an beguiling experience, generally in a Kindle app. In fact, we wish we could have entrance to a backside trackpad for swiping pages.

Included with a Spin 11 is a Wacom stylus that works glorious for sketching, generally in a glorious Google Keep. we haven’t found myself holding handwritten notes, nonetheless that doesn’t meant we haven’t integrated a stylus into my workflow.

acer-chromebook-spin-11-5 acer-chromebook-spin-11-screenshots-1 Rear-facing camera in inscription mode

On Chromebooks with stylus support, there is a “Stylus tools” quarrel on a dock. Here users have entrance to a magnifying potion that puts adult a loop on your screen, as good as a laser pointer. However, my favorite stylus underline is a ability to take screenshots. There is a ubiquitous symbol for grabbing a whole screen, nonetheless also one for usually gnawing a sold region. In my line of work, this is remarkably useful. The final by-pass for opening a Google Keep request is also flattering convenient.

In general, this coop knowledge is hindered by not carrying somewhere to store a stylus on-device. This is also my censure with a Google Pixelbook: if you’re bundling a stylus, be certain to have a accessible approach for business to pierce it around with them.


I’d be lingering if we didn’t start each Chrome OS program overview with how seamless a sign-in knowledge is. It’s simply pleasant how within a few mins we can be adult and regulating with your apps and some-more importantly your several preferences and customization tweaks. It’s a differentiator and unequivocally does make computing as elementary as a web.

Chromebooks are simple, their normal laptop interface has always focused on a basics. When a initial touchscreens proliferated, we found that Chrome OS never unequivocally did anything to optimize for a hardware. For example, settings featured ridiculously little hold targets and switches.

acer-chromebook-spin-11-screenshots-4 acer-chromebook-spin-11-screenshots-5 acer-chromebook-spin-11-screenshots-6 acer-chromebook-spin-11-screenshots-2

However, that has recently changed, generally with Chrome OS 61. The initial marquee pointer of a some-more touch-focused UI is a Pixel-like app launcher. When launched it opens a vast hunt bar and apps we are expected to use. Also responding to appropriate gestures in inscription mode, it is usually elegant, fast, and a good optimization. There’s also an plenty volume of blur, that is also found on a redesigned close screen, that creates a simple, practical OS start to unequivocally demeanour good and come into a possess design-wise.

While many people will not spend too many time in settings, this too has been optimized following a Material redesign. Preference sections are improved grouped with a Material navigation drawer permitting users to fast detonate rather than have to corkscrew down to a area they’re looking for.

Android apps and Play Store

The Spin 11 facilities Android apps enabled out of a box. we adore a Play Store alone for finally providing a Twitter customer on Chrome OS.

However, Android apps unequivocally do need some-more optimization. I’m not referring to a knowledge inside apps — Material’s animations and touches still flourish, nonetheless rather how Chrome OS treats a windows of these applications.

When regulating Chrome OS in inscription mode, all windows are automatically fullscreened. While removing absolved of window government is expected a easiest choice for a infancy of users, it is not a quite good pierce for energy users as it severely boundary capability on Chrome OS.

My dream is to have mixed phone-sized apps open and usually travel around with a Chromebook from place to place with a dashboard kind of overview. Fortunately, Google is experimenting on this, and hopefully it will come to a fast channel earlier than later.


A dual-core Intel Celeron N3350 chip that runs during 1.1GHz, with adult to 2.4GHz burst, powers this Chromebook. However, a many critical spec with Chrome is of march a volume of RAM. 4GB, like on this unit, is an comprehensive baseline now, nonetheless always opt for some-more if we can.

My customary pattern of a dozen tabs and twin or so Android apps regulating in a credentials never unequivocally caused this appurtenance to delayed down. Chromebooks simply usually age good with a baseline of specs that energy them.

With my complicated essay and browsing workload, an eight-hour day is simply met, nonetheless Android app use is some-more minimal. we do not predict wanting to pierce around a charger, with a top-up in a morning adequate for a day’s work.

Final thoughts

The Acer Chromebook Spin 11 usually inspires imperishable certainty with a hardware. It feels and is technically solid, with a good arrangement that a infancy of people will appreciate. Chrome OS is removing improved each month, with optimizing hold being a sold concentration of Google going forward.

People already know Android apps and they will severely conclude that cross-platform laxity when regulating Chrome OS. Meanwhile, some-more remaining additions like a stylus are some-more than upheld in a OS, with some subset of a wider race anticipating sold advantage from it.

Chromebooks have prolonged reached a good adequate indicate specs-wise. My two-year aged Chromebook is regulating speedily. What newer Chromebooks are doing to inspire people to upgrade, over being already cheap, is adding “extra” features. In my mind, brief and drop-proofing are not an fan spec, nonetheless rather one that many people will take advantage of in a prolonged run.

If we still have a sincerely new Chromebook, it might not nonetheless be time for we to upgrade. Going forward, or if you’re a new customer that wants Android apps now, we should demeanour for these useful extras, and we would do good with a Acer Chromebook Spin 11.

The Acer Chromebook Spin 11 is accessible from a accumulation of retailers, including Amazon, Acer’s online store, and other online retailers.

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