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July 7, 2018 - chromebook

We’ve famous for some time a day would come where we would examination a world’s initial Chrome OS-powered tablet. We weren’t accurately certain who would make it or what it would demeanour like in a end, though we knew it was coming. With both convertibles and detachables creation it to marketplace before it, a Acer Chromebook Tab 10 fills in a usually genuine remaining hardware opening in a Chrome OS ecosystem: a tablet.

Though it isn’t a best inscription I’ve ever used, this charity from Acer unequivocally gives me wish for a destiny of Chrome OS tablets. Sure, I’d adore for a fixing to change as Chromebook Tab feels like a bit of a misnomer, though Acer has finished some unequivocally good work with this initial gash during a Chrome-powered tablet. Is it perfect? Not even close, though it is an enlivening demeanour during what we could see in future.


Overall, a build peculiarity here is flattering good. There’s reduction to speak about with a tablet, though some things sojourn a same. It is sturdy, feels good in a hand, and is especially potion and textured cosmetic on a back.

The cameras are where you’d design and a buttons are good and clicky, though there’s small else to unequivocally speak about with this device. It is roughly a distance of a customary iPad though a bit thicker. It is light adequate to swing in one palm and unequivocally creates immoderate calm feel healthy and simple.

Put it this way, if you’ve seen a customary iPad, we can get a good feel for how large this thing is. The build is a bit reduction reward though still feels good.


With a bright, frail screen, a Acer Chromebook impresses flattering good with a display. As a shade is a categorical indicate of communication on a tablet, this is a unequivocally good thing. Having an defective arrangement would not usually be a bummer, though a simple deal-breaker for most. With a Chromebook, a good keyboard and rodent can relieve a blow of a sub-par screen. With a tablet, a shade is fundamentally everything, and Acer did well.

Colors pop, observation angles are great, and a shade is bright. Not utterly Pixelbook bright, though it is good to demeanour at. At 1536×2048 pixels, this device and it’s 9.7-inch erratic magnitude are identical to a customary iPad.

This is expected not a coincidence. When people consider of tablets, they consider of iPads. Acer finished a correct pierce mimicking a iPad in this way, and they unequivocally pulled it off well.

Ports and Speakers

Again, a inscription form cause simplifies things. The Chromebook Tab 10 has one port: a singular USB Type-C. With that one port, we can do utterly a few things. Display out, information transfer, charging or audio can all be had with a singular port, though you’ll need a dongle to separate it adult if we wish to do any of those simultaneously.

Again, it is a tablet, so we need to consider about it as such. The primary use box of this device will be consumption, not production. I’m not observant we can’t get work finished on it. we managed to work an whole day on it with a wireless keyboard and mouse, though we don’t see many people regulating it this way. Instead, I’d suppose it will find itself in a same position as tablets before it: in a path on a couch. In that position, it feels shockingly healthy scrolling websites, web apps and Android apps with ubiquitous ease.

Flanked with front-facing stereo speakers, a calm expenditure is utterly enjoyable. Additionally, we can simply block in earphones if we wish a some-more immersive knowledge during home or on a flight. As distant as media storage, we also get a microSD label container to enhance a storage on offer.

Performance Internals

So far, all looks extraordinary for this tablet, right? Well, once we get into a courage of this one, a news isn’t utterly as good. Inside we’re met with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a OP1 processor.

Yep, that is a same OP1 processor in a Samsung Chromebook Plus and ASUS Chromebook 101. It’s a same processor that has struggled with many tasks given early 2017. The same processor that I’ve hated on a bit before.

In a Chromebook Tab 10, however, it feels a bit reduction sluggish, and here’s why: we’re lerned on tablets and phones to do fundamentally one thing during a time. Open one app, review one website, do one assign before relocating on to a next.

When used this way, a OP1 keeps adult most improved and we can roughly forget we are regulating a low-powered SoC. Switching apps reminds we flattering quickly, though that is a decent benefaction for a cost and battery longevity we have going on with this processor. we was simply removing 10 hours of battery off and on, so I’m unequivocally happy with that. Again, going behind to a iPad, people have come to design marathon battery from tablets, and a Acer binds adult good here.

With all this in mind, however, don’t design to make this your all-in-one device. I’d adore to contend that when regulating it as a desktop deputy (remember, Chrome OS is a desktop OS first) all works fine. That’s usually not a case, however, as a processor usually isn’t adult for multitasking on any level. Add to that a fact that this device is sealed in Chrome OS’ inscription mode (obviously) and extended displays have utterly a few issues as well.

To put it simply, use this as a inscription and you’ll expected be agreeably surprised. Try to pull it as a Chromebook deputy and you’ll be let down.


There are a integrate of things that this inscription offers that are engaging adequate to mention. The initial is a camera setup. A front and behind camera on a Chrome OS device is flattering unique, during slightest for now, and that is about all we can contend about it. As I’ve pronounced in a past, a camera program on Chrome OS is so horrendous, it matters unequivocally small what cameras we insert to a outside. Photo constraint take seconds – SECONDS – to happen, design peculiarity is laughable, and a altogether knowledge is simply pointless.

Come on, Google. You can do improved than this.

The other critical additional is a enclosed stylus that is garaged right in a tablet. One of a comparisons this device can't equivocate is to an iPad, and this is a place where it wins. You can disagree that coop is better, though we can’t disagree about that one is free, enclosed in a box, needs no charge, and can be stored inside a device.

Those things make a whole pen/tablet knowledge improved on this device than any other inscription aside from a Galaxy Note Tablet, and that is value noting.

Wrap Up

So, is this thing value sport down and buying? That depends on what we are after. This device is directed during preparation and a classroom, so you’ll have to unequivocally scour a bit to find it. Once we do, you’ll need to confirm if we are looking for a expenditure inscription or something we can get a bit prolific on.

If it is expenditure only, it is tough to suggest this over a likewise labelled iPad. They are both $329, though a iPad has many some-more iPad-targeted apps and a more-polished UI in general. If we are examination cinema and personification games, we have to contend a iPad wins.

However, if a coop submit is critical or we wish to be means to tackle a few web-related tasks, I’d contend a Acer wins out. With an included, stowable pen, Acer has finished a good package for artists or those wanting to be means to jot records on a go though any additional purchases. Also remember we get a full desktop chronicle of Chrome to take advantage of any web-driven calm we come across.

Like we said, we simply have to confirm what we want. we like this small tablet, though I’m even some-more vehement to consider there will be some-more absolute versions to come down a road. Who knows, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, a inscription like this could turn a ultimate all-in-one device for someone like me. Time will tell, though we consider Acer has finished a illusory initial step with a Chromebook Tab 10, and we demeanour brazen to what is coming.

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