Acer’s aluminum Chromebook 15 (2017) is as good a mechanism as we can get for underneath $400

October 24, 2017 - chromebook

Acer has been offered a Chromebook 15 in a variety of configurations given January of 2015. In fact, they now list 8 opposite varieties on a Acer online store and somehow more during Amazon.  There are unclothed skeleton versions of the Acer Chromebook 15 for as tiny during $179 at Walmart, though what we’re here to speak about currently is a comparatively high-end indication affectionately named a “CB515-1HT-P39B.”

Most important, is a aluminum bombard or during slightest half a shell, that your friends, if their prophesy isn’t great, competence mistake for a 2015 MacBook Pro. It also has 2 assign able USB-C ports on possibly side with 2 bequest USB-A ports, as well.

I took my initial demeanour during this year’s indication during IFA in Aug and final week Acer sent me one for review. Here are my thoughts after a week.

The overarching problem for folks who wish a good Chromebook is that there are a ton of $200 low-end Chromebooks and of march Google’s $1000 Pixelbook during a tip though not a whole lot in between for people who can’t dump MacBook form cash. Samsung’s Chromebook Pro and HP’s Chromebook 13 come to mind though what if we wish a 15-inch arrangement that can put 2 browser windows side-by-side?

Acer is anticipating to tighten that opening with a initial of what we assume will be will be many some-more aluminum Chromebooks. As distant as a aluminum is concerned, I’m flattering certain a bottom is plastic. But I’ll warp here. It feels unequivocally plain for a $400 computer.


One refinement about this Chromebook is that it has Android apps right out of a box so we don’t have to implement updates to get that functionality enabled. The bad news is that many, if not many apps don’t nonetheless work scrupulously on any Chromebook screen, let alone a 15-inch 1080P display. The ones that did work here are cart and even means some crashing so we’re unequivocally still in a beta universe of Android apps on Chromebooks.


Speaking of display, a 15.6-inch 1080P IPS hold arrangement is unequivocally nice.  It has plain angles and side by side window browsing is unequivocally probable – or have a few Twitter/Hangout windows subsequent to a browser window as well. Colors don’t cocktail like they do on a high-end PC or Mac though seem accurate. The bezels are large all around, though they generally roar low-cost laptop on a bottom, even if they are done out of aluminum. It is a hold arrangement though a shade usually bends 180 degrees so we can’t use it like a inscription or a tent for examination videos.


The keyboard is backlit and has copiousness of transformation and a keys are spaced easily apart. Very identical to comparison Mac laptops (pre-Butterfly keyboards) though maybe a tiny bit softer. The trackpad has worked excellent for me and it is again usually a few years behind what you’d find in a MacBook. I’d take both a trackpad and rodent over a oversized trackpad and no-movement keyboard of Apple’s stream MacBooks.

There are silken chamfered edges around a keyboard and trackpad that ads to a viewed build quality. The stereo speakers, on possibly side of a keyboard sound unequivocally good for a Chromebook (also helps that this is fanless).

MIMO Wireless

I don’t have a router to exam this though large downloads were as discerning as I’ve seen on my wireless network during home. This is a step adult from other Chromebooks I’ve used where a wireless seems to be a few generations behind stream in speed and vigilance strength.

Size and Weight

At underneath 4 lbs and .7 inches thin, this appurtenance is about as tiny as you’d design though those large bezels around a shade make this feel roughly like one of those 17-inch laptops. It hardly fit into a box built for my 15-inch MacBook laptop with is usually a few millimeters thinner

Processor / Memory / Storage / Battery

Boo. For $400, we would have during slightest approaching a Celeron i3 though not a 1.1Ghz quad core N4200 chip in here. In genuine life use it seems excellent for many paltry tasks though it positively won’t cave any Bitcoins. Acer puts Core i5s in identical cosmetic Chromebooks so if we wish some-more tender energy demeanour elsewhere.

It comes with a plain 4GB of discerning RAM that is about what you’d design from a $400 Chromebook. The SSD is also on standard during 32GB.

Battery life is quoted during 12 hours that seems on par. we had no difficulty regulating it a whole 8 hours day. It also charges in about 2 hours with a enclosed USB-C plug.


I’m not going to lie. we had some difficulty entrance adult with an engaging angle for this Chromebook 15. It is silken on a outward though flattering muted on a inside. It is flattering big, though not complicated to lift around. Its pier blueprint (USB-C and USB-A on both sides), headphone/mic, and microSD are as ideal as we could hope. The usually thing we consider we would supplement is HDMI out, though a USB-C to HDMI dongle is flattering easy to find.

Typing and navigating with a trackpad is great. The webcam is plain with HDR imaging and 720P resolution. Hangouts and Skype calls are nice. Tons of tabs on mixed Chrome browser windows? Not a problem. Speakers? Sound unequivocally good.

Google seems to be trucking along with Chrome OS utterly easily though this isn’t a staggering ascent along a expansion of Chrome OS. It is however a unequivocally solid, good looking mechanism that will, like all other Chromebooks, urge significantly over time.

Right now, a week after launch, we can buy these during eBay and approach from Acer for $399.99

Specs follow:

Included Items


Google Chrome OS

    • Automatically downloads and installs confidence and program updates, so we don’t have to rubbish your time handling rags and watchful for restarts.

15.6″ Full HD multitouch shade for hands-on control

    • CineCrystal silken shade record maintains a clear colors in your photos and videos. The 1920 x 1080 fortitude boasts considerable tone and clarity. IPS technology. LED backlight.

4GB complement memory for elementary multitasking

    • Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to uniformly run mixed applications and browser tabs all during once.

32GB eMMC peep memory

    • This ultracompact memory complement is ideal for mobile inclination and applications, providing extended storage capabilities, streamlined information management, discerning boot-up times and support for high-definition video playback.

Built-in cloud support

    • Easily save your files to your Google Drive comment for secure entrance wherever we go. You can also sync with your other inclination using Chrome and even work offline when needed. Fees might apply.

Intel® HD Graphics 505

    • On-processor graphics with common video memory yield bland picture peculiarity for Internet use, elementary print modifying and infrequent gaming.

Weighs 3.97 lbs. and measures 0.7″ thin

    • Ultrathin and ultralight for limit portability, featuring a smaller shade distance and omission a DVD/CD expostulate to grasp a compress form factor. 4-cell lithium-ion battery

Aluminum chassis

    • Offers a neat look

Bluetooth 4.0 interface syncs with concordant devices

    • Wirelessly send photos, song and other media between a desktop and your Bluetooth-enabled dungeon phone or MP3 player, or bond Bluetooth wireless accessories

2 USB Type-C ports

    • To maximize opening on a latest high-speed devices.

2 USB 3.0 ports maximize a latest high-speed devices

    • USB 3.0 ports are backward-compatible with USB 2.0 inclination (at 2.0 speeds).

Built-in media reader for elementary print transfer

    • Supports microSD and microSDXC memory label formats.

Next-Gen Intel® Wireless-AC connectivity

    • Connect to a Wireless-AC router for scarcely 3x a speed, some-more ability and wider coverage than Wireless-N. Backward-compatible with all other Wi-Fi networks and hotspots.

Built-in HD webcam with microphone

    • Makes it easy to video discuss with family and friends or teleconference with colleagues over Google Hangouts or other renouned applications.

Built-in pathogen insurance and Google products

    • Work, play and do right out of a box with Search, Gmail, Talk, YouTube and Hangouts, afterwards personalize with a Chrome Web Store. Multiple layers of insurance urge opposite viruses and malware.

Additional port

    • Headphone/microphone combo jack.
    • Note: This Chromebook does not embody a built-in DVD/CD drive.
    • Intel, Pentium, Celeron, Core, Atom, Ultrabook, Intel Inside and a Intel Inside trademark are trademarks or purebred trademarks of Intel Corporation or a subsidiaries in a United States and other countries.

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