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August 5, 2018 - chromebook

Video: Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 initial look.

Acer is releasing a Chromebook 13 and Chromebook Spin 13 automobile this September, directed during businesses that wish to switch from Windows.

The Chromebook 13 will start during $645 while a new Chromebook Spin 13 starts during $750, both entrance in an aluminum-body with a 13.5-inch arrangement with 2,256 x 1,504-pixel fortitude during a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Acer indeed announced a new Chromebooks in May yet has now reliable Sep accessibility and pricing.

Both a new Chromebooks will have Gorilla Glass touchpads, while a Spin indication will come with 360-degree hinge, a touchscreen display, and a Wacom stylus that slides into a possess slot.

The proclamation follows this week’s new Chromebook ad from Google holding a shot during indolent opening and confidence alerts on Macs and Windows PCs compared with Chromebooks, that have “built-in pathogen protection, a battery that lasts all day, and involuntary updates”.

The $650 Chromebook 13 is powered by an Intel 8th gen Core i3-8130U CPU, and comes with 8GB LPDDR3 memory, and 32GB eMMC storage.

There’s a some-more costly indication with an Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, with a same memory and storage. This starts during $750.

Meanwhile, a Chromebook Spin 13 has 8th gen Core i3 and Core i5 options, yet with 8GB LPDDR3 memory and 64GB eMMC, yet there’s also a Core i5 indication with 16GB LPDDR3 memory and 128GB eMMC storage.

The Spin Core i3 indication costs $750, while a Core i5 indication costs $100 more, and a incomparable memory and storage various costs $900, putting it flattering tighten to Google’s possess $999 Pixel Chromebook.

Both Spin models have USB 3.1 Type-C pier on any side that can be used to assign a device, send information or bond to additional display. Acer says they have a 10-hour battery life.


The new Acer Chromebook Spin 13s will have Gorilla Glass touchpads.

Image: Acer

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