Asus C302CA Flip Chromebook review

December 29, 2017 - chromebook

Chromebooks tend to tumble into dual camps: inexpensive and contented (like a Asus Flip C100PA) or pleasing though costly (as embodied by a Google Pixelbook). Now Asus bucks this trend by introducing a mid-price C302CA Flip, that comes in during around a £500 mark.

So, what do we get for sensible, though not budget, money? We find out.

To see a kind of foe a C302CA is adult against, check out a Best Chromebook chart.

Asus Chromebook C302CA Flip price

At a moment, we can collect adult a Asus Chromebook C302CA from John Lewis for £499.95

This cost is matched by Argos, and Currys/PC World, so there’s a few choices if we wish to buy a device on a UK high street.

Ordering approach from Asus UK will open adult a accumulation of upgraded models too, with a customary Intel Core M3 6Y30 version, full with 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage costing £674.99. If we wish to double both a RAM and storage afterwards there’s a indication accessible for £727.99

Or we can pierce right adult to a Intel Core M7, with 8GB RAM and 64GB storage, though this is an eye-watering £938.49.

If you’re new to Chromebooks, and wondering if they are unequivocally a thing for you, afterwards review our  Chromebooks guide. This lists a stream tops models and answers many doubt about what they are and what we can use them to achieve.

Asus Chromebook C302CA Flip pattern and build

Aesthetically, Asus has apparently been desirous by a comparison MacBook Pro and Google Chromebook Pixel (2015), that is no bad thing in a book.

The superb lines of a framework eschew a slim edges mostly employed to make inclination seem thinner. Instead there’s a slim, square-edged pattern to a aluminium box that is suggestive of a aforementioned Pixel Chromebook.

Where that device was complicated during 3.35lbs, a Asus C302CA is a best partial of a bruise lighter, creation it distant some-more shoulder friendly.

The 12.5in touchscreen is also a small smaller than a Pixel, as it adopts a some-more classical widescreen 16:9 ratio, rather than a taller 3:2 lucky by Google’s offering. It’s bright, detailed, responsive, and unequivocally good to work with.

As this is a member of a Asus Flip series, a hinges concede a device to be used in a normal laptop fashion, or wrapped right around to make it into a temporary tablet, full with a captivating clip. The transformation between these extremes is smooth, and a arrangement is hold firmly wherever we select to stop.

Chromebook Asus C302CA Flip review

We’ve grown used to anticipating good peculiarity keyboards on Chromebooks, and a C302CA is another glorious example. The Chiclet keys are good spaced, only a right size, and are backlit for night typing. If you’re intending on regulating a Chromebook to get some essay done, afterwards this keyboard positively won’t delayed we down.

The trackpad is also a highlight, violence out a good series of Windows PCs we’ve tested in terms of correctness and reliability. ChromeOS unequivocally does seem to have this area worked out in terms of drivers and gesticulate controls.

Asus C302CA Flip Chromebook review

The flanks of a C302CA are home to dual USB-C ports, one on possibly side, both of that can be used to assign a device. There’s also a microSD slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers, and volume and energy buttons.

It’s an attractive, good suspicion out design, and one that will no doubt locate many an eye when you’re out and about.  

Asus Chromebook C302CA Flip performance

With an Intel Core M3 6Y30 chip pushing a C302CA, we would design a opening and battery life to be good. Thankfully, this is a case. 

Running several tabs during once – with song personification in one, a word processor in another, and mixed browser windows open – can means some Chromebooks to stutter. But, a Asus had no such qualms. It only kept on going with nary a flicker.  

This was no doubt aided by a 4GB of RAM installed, that gives even a resource-hungry Chrome copiousness of room to work. Using a device for gaming didn’t means any issues either, detached from a tired in a arms after holding it adult for a few minutes.

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA review

Putting a C302CA by a customary benchmarks returned certain scores of 111.72 on Jetstream and 372.83 on Basemark 3.0, that is some of a best we’ve seen on a Chromebook.

Battery life also impressed, with a Asus durability good over 9 hours in a video streaming test. With lighter use this should extend even longer, creation it a plain performer for a full day’s work.  

Asus Chromebook C302CA Flip software

Such is a inlet of complicated mechanism use, that for many people ChromeOS is now flattering many all we need from a laptop. It can run Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint by web versions, there’s Google possess glorious Office suite, not to discuss lots of capability and party apps and websites that should cover all bases. 

You can work offline on a series of apps, and a morality of a complement creates it a good choice for both younger and comparison kin seeking for recommendation on a new machine.

Yes, if we wish to do Photoshop editing, run iTunes, or use a specific square of software, afterwards you’ll come a cropper. But, in many instances a Chromebook will be enough. This is even some-more expected now that Android apps have been combined into a mix.

Asus C302CA Flip Chromebook review

The C302CA is one of a Chromebooks that can now run games and apps found on a Google Play Store. That means that many of your favourite Android titles are accessible for your desktop.

While many of them are not optimised for a incomparable shade distance yet, there are several that make good additions. The Microsoft Office apps are one example, and many of a games make full use of a touchscreen capabilities on a Asus, nonetheless they can be unwieldy to play.

Asus C302CA Flip Chromebook review

The Netflix app has a advantage of being means to download shows and cinema so we can watch them later, while Adobe Lightroom creates simple of modifying photos on a Chromebook a doddle.

Google still category a Android app underline as in Beta, that is something that needs to be addressed fast if a association wants to unequivocally make it count. Chromebooks are mostly pitted opposite iPads due to their relations morality and easy maintenance, though iOS already has a resources of apps optimised for identical shade sizes.

Android support could be a torpedo underline for Chromebooks, though during a impulse it stays small some-more than engaging thought with outrageous potential.

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