Chromebook ‘Alt OS’ formula hints during ability to dual-boot Windows

April 18, 2018 - chromebook

Chromebooks are awesome. But they’re also limited. For many people, it’s unreal to only possess a Chromebook, since earlier or after they’ll have run a bone-fide Windows app.

That competence someday be a thing of a past. As speckled by sleuthing redditor u/-nbsp-, it Google might be deliberation an underline that would concede we to foot into Windows on a Pixelbook. References to ‘Alt OS’ within a new Chrome OS build advise Google is operative on some arrange of a foot shade that will concede we to select that OS to launch. Another line reading “go/vboot-windows” suggests it’s dictated for Microsoft’s OS.

None of this is petrify justification this underline is indeed on a approach – developers exam facilities and put in bizarre strings of formula all a time. The strange Reddit post suggests it competence simply be an easier approach for developers to exam Fuchsia OS on a Pixelbook.

Still, a references to Windows are interesting. It competence seem uncanny for Google to concede we to foot into a opposite OS on Chromebooks, though inclination like a Pixelbook are positively absolute enough. If even Apple, a ultimate walled garden, can do it, because not Google?

We’ve contacted Google for some-more information, and will refurbish this post if we hear back, though don’t get your hopes adult – a association is doubtful to criticism on such suppositional information.

Via XDA Developers

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