Chromebook Crostini Containers Getting GPU Support

May 2, 2018 - chromebook

Hopefully, you’ve been gripping lane with all a updates entrance down a line concerning the Crostini project: a new set of facilities bringing containered Linux apps to Chromebooks. Development is surpassing rapidly, and we unequivocally feel that this could be one of a biggest developments for Chromebooks given their inception.

Today, a latest growth we are saying is a further of GPU support to these Linux containers. The news comes around a insanely-helpful Crostini Reddit that, if we are during all meddlesome in all these developments as they happen, we entirely advise we go revisit and follow.

In a associated post, a dedicate being common clearly references containers leveraging a GPU of a system:

WIP: gpu: exercise virtio-gpu

This includes a virtio-gpu device, virglrenderer bindings (gpu_renderer), and an outlay for a gpu arrangement regulating wayland (gpu_display).

The 3D facilities of virtio-gpu are now untested, though elementary 2D support is there. The drm_cursor_test in drm-tests should run to completion.

What This Means

It’s not that we didn’t consider this would be coming, though a fact that we now have proof that it is being worked on is very, really exciting. For anyone reading this that isn’t utterly certain what a GPU is, I’ll offer a uncomplicated explanation. The CPU (central estimate unit) handles many tasks while handing off graphic-related estimate to a GPU (graphics estimate unit). The improved a GPU, a improved a graphics performance.

We’re not only articulate about gaming, either. Think about all a things that apps do that need graphic-related resources. Video/photo/graphic modifying program are ideal examples of apps that would take good advantage of this GPU support. But even elementary apps will implement this as good to make transitions and animations occur many smoother opposite a board.

All that being said, gaming will be much, many improved once this is implemented. Take a discerning demeanour during a video next to see how badly containered Liunx apps onslaught though GPU support. Once this is entirely implemented, I’d suppose easier games will be using utterly good in these containers.

Keep in mind, however, that Chromebooks boat with integrated GPUs for now. That could be changing in a entrance months, though for now these onboard GPUs are utterly diseased compared to dissimilar graphics cards. They can still can hoop some decent gaming and will certainly make customary app use many some-more fluid, however, so this is many really a large step for Linux apps on Chromebooks.

As with all a updates encircling Crostini, we’ll keep we adult to date with any and all we find until this whole thing goes live!

SOURCE: /r/Crostini

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