Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts Getting A New Look

March 20, 2018 - chromebook

For many users, keyboard shortcuts are a bread and butter of a proficient workflow. If you’re a Chrome OS fan, you’re substantially informed with your Chromebook’s popup keyboard that lists all a accessible shortcuts during your disposal.

If, by chance, we aren’t arcane to this small feature, go forward and check it out for yourself and see what you’ve been missing.

You can call adult a keyboard by-pass map by simply dire Ctrl+Alt+? or check out a picture below.

This is a accessible small by-pass to entrance your shortcuts though it still leaves we sport if a specific duty is what you’re looking for.

Chrome herald, François Beaufort has given us a hide look during not usually a redesigned by-pass interface though one that adds a hunt underline that will assistance we find accurately what we need on a fly.

Currently being tested in a Canary channel of Chrome OS, a new blueprint looks to be utterly discriminating already and we wouldn’t be astounded to see it pierce adult a ladder Stable in a entrance weeks.

François also records that a stream keystroke to plead a shortcuts will changing to +?.

This, like many other updates, supplement to a augmenting list of changes to emanate a some-more user-friendly Chrome OS experience.

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