Chromebook ‘Nautilus’ Will Usher In Video Recording For Chrome OS

January 13, 2018 - chromebook

Before we get down to business, let me residence a masses who are doubt because a new Chromebook ‘Nautilus’ unsuccessful to make an entrance final week during CES. Long story short, a detachable Chromebook we think is entrance from Samsung, is nowhere nearby prepared for production.

The device has usually been in growth for roughly 4 months. While that might be adequate time to shake out a cookie-cutter Chromebook, ‘Nautilus’ is a new form-factor for Chrome OS and comes wielding new facilities never before seen on in a Chromebook. To put it in perspective, ‘Eve’ a.k.a. a Pixelbook was in growth for a whole year before a proclamation during Google’s hardware event.

Moving on.

One of a new facilities referenced above is a further of a Sony IMX camera. As Robby forked out, a camera in doubt can be found in inclination like a LG G6 smartphone and even yet it’s by distant a best in a mobile market, it is light years over any stream Chromebook camera.

So, what good is a better-than-average shooter if all we can do is snap a selfie?

Good news! According to a new commit, developers have now enabled and are contrast video constraint on ‘Nautilus’.

overlay-nautilus: Enable video recording duty on Nautilus

Digging a small deeper into a developer’s work, we found that it not usually enables video constraint though will also support adult to 1080P @ 30fps on inclination versed with able cameras.

This is a MASSIVE jump brazen for Chrome OS in general. Currently, a usually approach to constraint video is a third-party app or site that can entrance a webcam. Native video recording is a underline that has been beckoned for by Chrome OS users for years. Finally, interjection to a subsequent era of devices, that wish will turn a reality.

The doing of this dedicate will use a Android camera APIs that means we could see camera functions really identical to what we use daily on a phones. With improved cameras, video recording and entrance to a Play Store, Chromebooks are about to benefit some vital belligerent in a usability arena.

Being that this will capacitate video constraint opposite Chrome OS, we wish to see this underline arrive before a launch of ‘Nautilus’. Stay tuned for some-more updates.

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