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July 9, 2018 - chromebook

Chromebooks are starting to enhance into some-more than only a “book” factor. But before Acer’s initial Chrome OS tablet, there was a HP Chromebook x2, a initial detachable Chromebook. For a cost and specs, it was a near-perfect unstable Chromebook save for one vicious flaw: a keyboard had no backlight. Fortunately, it seems that an arriving detachable Chromebook will scold that mistake and pull a Chrome OS pouch again.

As distant as Chromebooks are concerned, a HP Chromebook x2 is both standard and unique. Like some of a aloft finish Chromebooks, it ran on an Intel Core m3, with 4 GB of RAM, and a 12.3-inch 2400×1600 shade with active stylus support. What set it detached from a fruit was that it was a initial of a kind to detach totally from a keyboard where other Chromebooks simply folded all a approach back.

That underline might have come with a price, yet because it did is still a mystery. With no backlit keyboard, users would be left fumbling in a low or regulating a screen’s low light. But there is hope, during slightest for those still watchful to buy a Chromebook. A change in Chromium’s source formula states that a certain “nocturne” device will have a backlit keyboard.

Of course, other normal Chrombooks already have that underline though what creates a nocturne special is that it is another detachable like a HP Chromebook x2. At slightest formed on prior clues forsaken over a past months. Those clues embody a 2400×1600 shade fortitude and, curiously, a Skylake (6th gen) Intel processor. Ideally, that would be upgraded to during slightest Kabylake before it hits a market. Then it would be identical to HP’s version.

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