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August 21, 2017 - chromebook

Mifflinburg School District administrators introduced approximately 500 students to the judgment of 1:1 final year for a initial time, investing some-more than $300,000 in sequence to move a new beginning to a high school. 

It was successful, pronounced Mifflinburg School District Superintendent Dan Lichtel of providing one Chromebook for any tyro in grades 9 by 12. The 1:1 beginning allows students and teachers to promulgate frequently on a same platform, and contention assignments online, he said. 

“Students currently are some-more and some-more unprotected to a digital world,” Lichtel said. “Kids are entering kindergarten as digital natives, already carrying that record as a healthy extension. It creates clarity that we would daub into that a resource.”

In prior years, Lichtel pronounced inclination were not reserved to particular students.

“The disproportion now is that a tyro is reserved a Chromebook like a textbook,” he said. “They can take it home, they can lift it around to a classrooms. In today’s world, there is so most digital and online, a Chromebooks provides us with an event to have them with students all a time via a march of a propagandize year.”

The district’s $780,000 record bill allows for iPads during a facile turn and Chromebooks for a center and center school. This also includes internet entrance and infrastructure, Lichtel said.

“There’s a consistent upsurge of new record and applications being developed,” he said. “Keeping adult with all a newest things accessible is a challenge.”

Warrior Run

Warrior Run School District is introducing 1:1 for center and high propagandize students for this propagandize year with Chromebooks. At a facile level, a ratio is approximately 2:1, with iPads in kindergarten and initial class and with Chromebooks in second by fourth grades. 

“The 1:1 beginning will be a considerably opposite change going into a 17-18 propagandize year,” pronounced Superintendent Alan Hack. “All students grades 5 by 12 will have a Chromebook via a day for any of their classes. Students in grades 9 by 12 will have a event to take them home if they elect to compensate a $25 user fee, while students in grades 5 by 8 will lapse their inclination to their homeroom carts during a finish of any day.”

The hurdles are “offering veteran training on a effective use of record in a classroom and subsequently, measuring a impact of such integration,” Hack said.

The record bill averages $325,000, that includes a four-year deputy cycle to safeguard a record is adult to date as good as augmenting a district’s bandwidth over a final 4 years, he said. 

“The district is gratified to join a crowd of adjacent districts in providing students with a event to stay connected with their training both during a propagandize day and after school,” Hack said. “We have a vested seductiveness in this module and have piloted a use of Chromebooks, collected feedback from a faculty, staff, students, and community, and schooled from other schools in a area. We will continue operative with a village to brand areas of alleviation and needs while operative to safeguard that a record formation is as effective as possible.”


Lewisburg Area Superintendent Steven Skalka pronounced as partial of a district’s Vision 2020 initiative, a poignant investment has been done toward a use of enlightening technology. Teachers’ classroom computers are connected to roof mounted projectors that work in tie with interactive white play and request cameras while also carrying AppleTV access. As partial of a district’s 1:1 program, students in grades 6 by 12 are released laptops and iPads are released to students in grades 4 and five.

“One contingency remember that record is an instructional tool, a means to promote training and therefore, there has always been record in a classroom,” Skalka said. “As a result, a hurdles are as aged as incorporating inkwells in desks, clergyman veteran growth to know a how the record can allege learning, their comfort with regulating it and tying students’ daze or misuse.” 

The district has a record bill of $773,700, that includes management and upkeep of technological resources and supports a report of replacement, a superintendent said.


Shikellamy School District’s 1:1 Chromebook beginning is expanding to a center propagandize this year. Students in grades six by eight will be reserved a Chromebook to use via a day. Middle propagandize students will use their computers in school, though will not be available to take them home, she said

Middle School Principal Dr. Mary Murphy-Kahn pronounced a Chromebooks are “fantastic.”

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