Crank adult your Chromebook’s cloud-connecting power

July 8, 2018 - chromebook

A pivotal advantage of regulating a Chromebook is meaningful we could remove your laptop today, pointer into a new Chromebook tomorrow, and collect adult accurately where we left off — as if zero had even happened. By a same token, we could pointer into most any other device, Chrome OS or otherwise, and find all a same things that’s on your Chromebook though any effort.

That’s since so most of a Chrome OS knowledge revolves around a cloud — that big, feathery array of servers sitting in an undisclosed Google information core and constantly syncing your apps, preferences, and information. (Sounds definitely “cloud”-like, doesn’t it?) That mostly invisible complement lets a Chromebook renovate into your possess within seconds of signing in, expelling all a common con of relocating things over and removing all set adult a approach we like it. It also creates all your Chromebook information straightforwardly permitted wherever we competence go.

Well, almost.

For all a cloud-centric components, Chrome OS has one core component that stays curiously internal and singular to one sold laptop. With a dwarfed bit of effort, though, we can repair that — and make your Chrome OS knowledge totally device-agnostic and connected to a rest of your unsentimental life.