D300 Chromebook enlargement highlights ‘learning with a keyboard’

September 8, 2017 - chromebook

From a youngest students in initial class to graduating seniors during one of a high schools, School District 300’s students now have a district-owned Chromebook to call their possess this propagandize year.

This fall, a Algonquin-based district rolled out a one-device-per-student module in a high propagandize level, one year after a record beginning rolled out for all students in grades 1-8.

The large rollout creates D300 one of a largest propagandize district in a state to supply all a 1-12 students with a cover or tablet, pronounced Anne Pasco, district executive of digital education and innovation.

“For us, we wanted to stress training with a keyboard,” she pronounced about a district’s preference to squeeze approximately 23,000 Chromebooks. “We are doing online assessments, we wish to be ancillary that, too. Also, we wanted to have a device that emphasizes training and instruction.”