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January 28, 2018 - chromebook

Dell is introducing a new Chromebook line called a 5000 array that’s meant to move ever-so-slightly higher-end facilities to a education-focused lineup of Chrome OS laptops.

The entrance device will be a Chromebook 5190, an 11-inch indication accessible as possibly a normal clamshell or a 2-in-1. New to this indication — for a Dell Chromebook, during slightest — is a further of USB-C, stylus support, and an discretionary world-facing camera, so students can take photos even when a 2-in-1 is flipped around like a tablet.

Otherwise, a specs are usually ostensible to be a bit improved than what you’d find on Dell’s existent 3000 array preparation Chromebooks. The 5190 is ostensible to get 13 hours of battery life, as against to 10 hours, and it’ll embody options for a quad-core Intel Celeron processor, instead of only twin core.

Since this Chromebook is meant for a classroom, Dell also says it’s designed to be flattering sturdy, able of flourishing drops from 4 feet in a atmosphere as good as “10,000 micro-drops” from a four-inch height.

These kinds of facilities are flattering customary for education-focused Chromebooks. Acer offers one with “military-grade” durability, and HP has a 2-in-1 with USB-C, a world-facing camera, discretionary stylus, and a imperishable build. Basically, there’s not a ton of split in this marketplace right now, though it means there are a lot of options for schools.

Dell’s new indication is ostensible to go on sale in February, with pricing starting during $289. That’s $70 some-more than a entry-level indication in a 3000 array line, that runs as high as $289 for a entirely configured 11-inch machine. That means a 5190 competence finish adult during tighten to $400 in a max configuration, that is on a pricier side for schools.

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