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July 7, 2018 - chromebook

A series of good looking Chromebooks are clearly on a horizon. First of all, there’s cheza which looks to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, a initial of a kind. Then there’s an AMD APU-powered Chromebook too, that would meant that gaming could shortly turn a existence on Chrome OS. Combine that with likely Linux focus support and it’ll make for a good combo. A device codenamed “Nocturne” looks to be bringing something engaging though. It’s another detachable, like a HP Chromebook X2, though it will also have a backlit keyboard according to a commit on a Chromium Gerrit.

backlit keyboard chromebook nocturne

To clarify, a HP Chromebook X2 is a initial detachable of a kind on a market. However, it does not have a backlit keyboard like Nocturne appears to have. As for Nocturne, what else do we know about a device? According to AboutChromebooks, a few opposite specifications have been suggested in a Chromium Gerrit so far. First, it appears that a fortitude of a shade will be 2400 x 1600, usually like a stream Google Pixelbook. Early commits also advise that it will be one of a few inclination of a kind to have a fingerprint scanner to clear it. Finally, it appears that it will run on an Intel Skylake processor though that is theme to change formed on when it releases. But what’s a understanding with a backlit keyboard? They can be good for typing in a dim so that we aren’t fumbling with keys. Also, they can demeanour flattering cold too.

With a number of high-end Chromebooks on a way, it looks like Nocturne might be set to join them too. The height is looking to contest with customary laptops that we can buy on a market, generally for those looking for a multimedia or capability device. With a detachable screen, we can watch YouTube or cinema on a tablet-like display, for example. Not usually that though if we have a stylus we could also use one for art or notetaking. These arriving Chromebooks all demeanour like they’ll offer adult singular features, though that one is for you?

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