Exciting Feature Coming To Chromebook Extended Displays

March 10, 2018 - chromebook

In a past few months, a name of a diversion in a Chrome OS star is new features. In a deficiency of new flagship hardware for a Chrome OS ecosystem (we’ve seen utterly a few new education-focused Chromebooks, yet no genuine flagship inclination announced given a Pixelbook behind in early October.

We’re saying new program facilities appearing roughly daily right now, so it is good to see a existent swift of Chromebooks simply removing improved and improved by a day during this point.

What’s New Today

For users who implement extended displays, a large and critical underline is in a works right now. According to François Beaufort over on Google+, a growth of preserving window positions opposite displays after disconnecting and reconnecting to outmost displays is in a works.

According to François, this works with a elementary flag: chrome://flags/#ash-enable-persistent-window-bounds Though he didn’t mention what channel we should be awaiting this in, we’re not saying this in a Stabel Channel.

With a Samsung Chromebook Pro in Dev Channel, we was means to find a dwindle listed above. Upon enabling it and restarting, though, we didn’t have any fitness indeed removing a underline to work. For testing, we bending into my QHD ASUS guard and forsaken a few windows on that arrangement and a few on my inner display. Disconnecting brought all to a laptop screen, yet a reconnect did not put things behind in place.

As is generally a box with these forms of things, your mileage might vary. If it is this tighten in a growth cycle, we should see a underline hurl down to Stable flattering soon.

For me, this is one I’m generally vehement for. we work with an extended arrangement roughly each day and there are times we hatred a suspicion of disconnecting from my arrangement simply since we don’t wish to hurt a zen-like setup I’ve combined with my window layout.

Once this is a customary feature, we won’t have to worry any longer.

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source ⦿ https://chromeunboxed.com/news/chromebook-extended-display-preserve-window-position/

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