Exclusive: Samsung Is Making A Detachable Chromebook

November 19, 2017 - chromebook

It’s tough to trust though it has been a small over a year given a Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus was leaked online. In that time, we have spent many a late hour digging by a Chromium repositories perplexing to bond inclination to manufacturers in a hopes of removing an inside dip on what’s subsequent in a universe of Chrome OS.

For a many part, OEMs keep their identities hush, hush in a developmental theatre of Chromebooks. Thankfully, there are a few exceptions and that has authorised us to out some of a year’s many expected machines.

The dual biggest companies we have been means to filter out in a investigate are ASUS and Samsung. ASUS’ contributions to a growth of their inclination are flattering candid and after small deductive reasoning, we were means to keep tabs on inclination like a recently expelled ASUS Flip C101.

Samsung, interjection to final year’s leak, gave us a eventuality to start from a device we had been tracking for months and tie adult a lax ends when we arrived during CES 2017 for a central launch of a new flagship Chromebooks, a Plus and Pro.

From there, we have been gripping a eyes peeled for signs of a subsequent device from possibly of these dual tech giants and late this evening, a industry paid off.

Chrome OS detachables and tablets are on a way. Hopefully, earlier than later. With any luck, we will see such a device entrance in Las Vegas in early January. Which companies are creation these new form-factors has remained a poser until now. While we have my hopes and suspicions that Google is in a mix, we am now roughly certain that Samsung has a detachable device in a works.


The latest detachable Chromebook has usually been in development given late September and all we unequivocally know during this indicate is that it is a Kaby Lake powered device. However, as we perused a repositories this evening, we stumbled opposite a informed name and was immediately overtaken by excitement.

Jongpil Jung

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More specifically, Jongpil Jung of, we guessed it, Samsung. The really same chairman whose name is trustworthy to ‘Kevin’ and ‘Caroline’ or a Samsung Pro and Plus as we might know them.

Now, in many cases, a name wouldn’t be a common denominator for pinning down a manufacturer though Mr. Jung’s work has been only removed to Samsung’s device adult unto this indicate and we have no reason to trust that has changed.

If you’re wondering what a Samsung detachable could demeanour like. Here’s a flattering good theory as to what a new Chromebook could resemble.

That is a Samsung Galaxy Book that only happens to be a Kaby lake-powered, detachable 2-in-1. It comes in a accumulation of configurations including Core m3 or i5, adult to 256GB of storage and a 10.6″ or 12″ display. The Galaxy Book also comes with a detachable keyboard and Samsung’s famous S-Pen.

I’d adore to contend we’ll see a new Samsung as we transport to CES though that’s sincerely doubtful as growth is only now removing underway. Whoever is heading a assign of a subsequent era of Chrome device is, it’s not going to be Samsung this time.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see this sparkling new device denounced alongside a subsequent flagship phone from Samsung during their annual eventuality in early spring. Only time will tell though we can gamble we’ll be there when it happens. Stay tuned.

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Source: Chromium Repository

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