Google is perplexing to cook Microsoft Azure partners by promulgation them …

September 10, 2017 - chromebook

Google is perplexing to attract Microsoft Azure business over to a Cloud use in an surprising way: by promulgation giveaway Chromebooks to Azure business as partial of a representation to remonstrate them to switch over to Google Cloud, as reported by Petri.

Cleverly, a Chromebook is indeed partial of Google’s approach. The laptop is dictated to be used for a Google Hangout, with a Google Cloud deputy pitching Azure users on a advantages of Google’s platform.

Photo: Petri

Along with a Chromebook, Google’s package also seems to embody testimonials from companies like Spotify and Evernote to serve sell Azure business on Google’s services. It’s substantially unlikely, however, that a $200 laptop will unequivocally tip a beam when it comes to Google perplexing to remonstrate multimillion-dollar craving business to switch.

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