Google Pixelbook review: a large Chromebook comeback

November 7, 2017 - chromebook

Chromebooks have a repute as being inexpensive and contented – inexpensive, plasticky things that make adult for a fact that they’re hobbled in terms of energy and coherence by being rarely affordable. But a Google Pixelbook threatens to break this repute once and for all.

The company’s prior flagship – a Chromebook Pixel – already showed us that Chromebooks could be expensive, fascinating and able all during once, though a Pixelbook ups a ante. Sleek, stylish and packed with energy and potential, a Pixelbook is Google’s try to infer that Chromebooks are here to stay.


There’s no denying that a Google PixelBook is an impossibly snazzy-looking machine. Its matte-finished anodised aluminium framework is razor-thin, with a sterile, roughly bleach pattern that wouldn’t demeanour out of place on house some kind of ideal scholarship novella starship.

This is complemented by a white potion row inlaid into a lid, with a touchpad and rubber wrist-rests formulating a analogous white frame on a base, and a identical rubber frame on a underside. This creates a unique, sold demeanour that sets it detached from any other cover and ties in with a aesthetics of Google’s Pixel phones, though there’s unsentimental reasons behind it, too.

The rubber on a underside gives it softened traction so it won’t trip on a desk, while a wrist-rests perform a same duty when a laptop is flipped over into inscription mode. The potion row on a lid even helps to urge wireless connectivity, as with a Pixel range. Speaking of which, a hinge itself is lovely, with a well-spoken movement though adequate fortitude to resolutely mount adult though too most wobbling.

However, we do have a integrate of concerns about a design. First of all, nonetheless a white rubber wrist-rests demeanour poetic when we initial take a Pixelbook out of a box, we’re endangered about how purify it’s expected to stay. White rubber in sold has a bent to streak with age, as good as being some-more receptive to picking adult stains, scratches and other blemishes.

There’s also a fact that a potion row is some-more exposed to huge than a customary aluminium shell. It’s done from Gorilla Glass, so it shouldn’t be too most of an emanate if you’re clever with it, though it’s still during incomparable risk than a steel unibody would be.

These are teenager niggles, though; overall, a Pixelbook is an positively beautiful machine. At 10.3mm thin, it’s a splinter of a thing, and a a 1.1kg weight means it’s uncommonly unstable – ideal for slinging in a bag and holding to meetings.


This condensation also relates to a display. The shade measures 12.3in opposite a diagonal, that is partially petite for a laptop; they tend to start during around 13in. It’s closer in stretch to hybrid tablets like a iPad Pro or Surface Pro, and it shares a latter’s 3:2 aspect ratio. As a result, there isn’t utterly adequate shade real-estate to effectively use mixed on-screen windows during a same time, notwithstanding a fact that window gnawing is an option.

On a other hand, this smaller stretch works in a foster when we need to use it as a tablet. While incomparable variety can mostly feel unwieldy,the Pixelbook is really gentle to use clipboard-style for reading, sketching or creation notes. Similarly, a vast bezels – that we’d customarily symbol a reward laptop down for – are (with a difference of a huge bottom bezel) required for permitting we to reason it as a inscription though incidentally dire things on-screen. It’s a hold too complicated to use as a handheld inscription for extended periods, though afterwards we’ve nonetheless to see a automobile that isn’t.

The screen’s peculiarity is excellent, too. The 2400 x 1600 Quad HD row is pointy and detailed, with glorious contrariety and a really good limit liughtness of 462cd/m2. Colour correctness is generally good, and a Pixelbook lonesome usually underneath 95% of a sRGB colour space. The usually hiccup is a problem with blues and purples given to be oversaturated, though it’s not generally conspicuous in bland use.

Keyboard and trackpad

If a Pixelbook has one crowning glory, it’s a keyboard. Like a Surface Pro and MacBook Pro, Google has opted to give a Pixelbook a keyboard with minimal transport stretch – reduction than 1mm, in fact – and sharp, manageable feedback. Typing is easy and fluid, and any keystroke feels counsel and precise.

The keys are ever-so-slightly textured, and feel poetic to use. It’s full of neat small touches, too, such as backlighting that usually activates in low conditions and duty keys for opening a app drawer and invoking a Google Assistant.

The trackpad is likewise glorious – a well-spoken white potion slab, with glorious attraction and firm, gratifying feedback from clicks. As mentioned above, it’s flanked by dual white rubber wrist-rests which, notwithstanding a concerns about their long-term cleanliness, yield a most some-more gentle aspect when typing than a normal aluminium chassis. It’s a poetic setup, and equal to a top-class examples offering by a likes of Microsoft.

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