Google taps into your dire Windows, macOS practice in Chromebook ad

August 1, 2018 - chromebook


Shots have been fired.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Ah, a spinning circle of death. The fast augmenting blunder discourse boxes. You’ve expected gifted these while regulating Apple’s macOS and Microsoft’s Windows.  

Google knows that and is drumming into these anxiety-provoking moments in a new Chromebook ad, that was posted to YouTube on Monday.

In a ad, Google shows a critical of nightmarish clips highlighting a glitches you’ve expected experienced, from being met with a blue shade of death to your mechanism quitting “unexpectedly.”

The footage is timed to thespian song that hilariously captures a disharmony and trouble of these situations (and a tumult of emotions we expected feel when things like this happen). 

In a center of a video, a song is abruptly interrupted by an irritating voice regularly saying, “A critical blunder has occurred” as an internet confidence discourse box appears on a shade and won’t go away, even after attack “close” mixed times.  

Apple and Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

At a finish of a video, Google boasts about some of Chromebook’s features, such as pathogen protection, involuntary updates and battery life.  

To be fair, Chromebooks of march have problems of their own. But it’s waggish when companies poke fun during any other. 

Your turn, Apple and Microsoft. 

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