How to implement Kodi on your Chromebook

June 26, 2018 - chromebook

Kodi on Chromebook

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Kodi has been creation waves as a self-proclaimed “ultimate celebration centre,” and that’s not a bad description. The app lets you access and conduct your media calm opposite all of your devices. It’s concordant with many video and song formats, and it’s a accessible design gallery. It’s also giveaway and open source, if that’s your thing.

But can we use Kodi on Chromebook? The brief answer is yes. The longer answer depends on that Chromebook we own. Regardless of a indication of Chromebook, we will be means to implement Kodi, yet if we have entrance to a Google Play Store, it will be a lot easier.

So let’s dive in with a opposite ways to implement Kodi on your Chromebook.

Kodi on Chromebook: Google Play Store

If your Chromebook supports Android apps and has entrance to a Google Play Store, this will be easy. Simply download a app, and you’re good to go.

  • Launch a Google Play Store app.
  • Search “Kodi” (the Kodi app should be a initial hunt result).
  • Click Install.

That’s it. You now have Kodi for Chromebook and you’re prepared to stream.

Kodi on Chromebook: No Google Play Store

Not all Chromebooks come with a Google Play Store or support Android apps. Don’t let this daunt you, as we can still use Kodi by following a few additional stairs (Okay, utterly a few).

First, you’ll wish to to make certain you’re using a current, fast chronicle of Chrome OS. Usually, your Chromebook will automatically refurbish a OS each 6 weeks, yet it’s always best to double check.

  • Open adult your Chrome browser and go to Settings.
  • Click a hamburger idol (three plane lines) during a tip left of a screen.
  • Click “About Chrome OS.”
  • Click “Check for Updates.”
  • If we aren’t already adult to date, a download will start automatically.

Next you’ll wish to implement ARC Welder, an Android growth app. If you’re not a developer, don’t worry. That’s what it’s finished for, yet it has other uses — like installing Kodi on Chromebook.

ARC Welder - Kodi on Chromebook

  • Go to a Chrome Web Store to download ARC Welder.
  • Use a Chrome launcher to implement a app.

Because we can’t use a Google Play Store, you’ll need to find an .APK record of Kodi. This is where we wish to be careful, as a lot of third celebration sources aren’t arguable places to download files. APKMirror is one that is generally devoted by developers, so it’s a good place to download Kodi. APKPure is another plain choice if we can’t use APKMirror for whatever reason.

  • Open ARC.
  • Click on a and pointer (+) in an orange round (should review “Add your APK”).
  • In a list, name a APK we downloaded.
  • Click Open during a bottom right.

Once you’re done, you’ll be given some options for how to run Kodi. Make certain we name landscape course and your form cause is set to tablet.

  • Click  Test

Kodi should launch on your Chromebook, and you’re good to go.

Kodi on Chromebook: Kodi Chrome extension

ARC unfortunately doesn’t concede we to use mixed apps during once. That means we have to “test” Kodi each time we wish to use it (remember, this is a apparatus for developers).

There’s a workaround though. You can set Kodi as a Chrome extension.

  • Open a new Chrome browser.
  • Click on a 3 built dots in a tip right dilemma of your browser.
  • Scroll down to More Tools.
  • Select “extensions” in a drop-down menu.
  • Check a “Developer mode” box during a tip of your browser, if it isn’t already checked.
  • Click Load Unpacked Extensions during a tip left.
  • In a window that opens, locate your Downloads folder and find a Kodi .APK record we combined with ARC.
  • Click Open during a bottom of a window.

This will emanate a Kodi prolongation in your Chrome browser we can click on and launch anytime.

Kodi on Chromebook: Wrap up

If we have a Chromebook with a Google Play Store accessible removing Kodi is really easy, as we can see above.

If not, it’s good to know we can still implement and use Kodi. It’s a hassle, and apparently not perfect, yet it certain gets a pursuit done. Unfortunately, ARC Welder is a usually choice now accessible outward of a Google Play Store, so hopefully we’ve saved we some time looking for alternatives.

Have we attempted installing Kodi on your Chromebook? Do we have any useful tips we’ve missed? Give us your feedback in a comments!


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