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June 16, 2018 - chromebook

Microsoft Office for Chromebook

One of a pleasing things about Chromebooks is that they’re mostly cloud-based. That means we don’t have to fill adult your tough expostulate with record after file. Instead, we can do usually about all by Google Drive.

As good as that is, we competence not wish to do all in a Drive. Most of us are used to Microsoft Office for things like Word papers or Excel spreadsheets. Luckily, if you’re in that vessel and still wish a Chromebook, we can have a best of both worlds.

You can’t implement Windows or Mac desktop versions of Office 365 or Office 2016 on a Chromebook, yet we still have options when it comes to regulating Microsoft Office on Chromebook.

Depending on what module we run or have entrance to on your Chromebook, you’ll be means to use Office in a rather singular capacity. By and large, your Chromebook will run a same chronicle of Office apps as Android tablets.

There are some exceptions, yet you’ll have entrance to Office in some form with your Chromebook. We cover how to run Microsoft Office on Chromebook below.

Microsoft Office for Chromebook: Google Play Store

Microsoft bureau for Chromebook

The easiest approach to get Microsoft Office on Chromebook is to download a Office apps that are accessible for Android and Chromebooks.

If we use a Google Play Store, afterwards this is a choice you’ll want. You’re all set to download and use a Office programs we wish to use on your Chromebook.

Follow these elementary steps:

  • Open a Google Play Store.
  • Search for a Office module we wish to download and name it.
  • Click Install.
  • Once a app is finished downloading, open a Chrome launcher to open a app.
  • Sign into your Microsoft Account or Office 365 subscription account.

To save we time, we can also click on a links next to download a specific apps we want.

Microsoft Office for Chromebook: Office Online

If your Chromebook usually has entrance to a Chrome Web Store, we unfortunately can’t download a several Office apps.

You’re not out of fitness though. You can still download Office Online. With a online version, you’ll be means work on, edit, and share Office files directly in your browser. You need to be connected to a internet to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook, that competence not be ideal, yet it means we have an choice to Drive.

Those are a nuts and bolts of putting Microsoft Office onto your Chromebook, or regulating it online if we don’t have a Google Play Store.

You won’t have entrance to each underline we competence have on a PC or Mac, yet afterwards again, your Chromebook isn’t meant to be one of those.

This does give we a choice of operative on a same Office files on opposite inclination though, that can assistance we equivocate a additional step of converting record from Drive for use later.

Chromebook competence be clearly tied to a Google ecosystem, yet that doesn’t meant we have to give adult all control and crawl to a gods of Google. You can still use your favorite apps like Office.

Have we used Microsoft Office for Chromebook? Were there any vital stipulations or advantages we consider are value pity with your associate readers? Let us know in a comments.

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