How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your Chromebook

April 26, 2018 - chromebook

Chromebooks are ideal for children. They’re light-weight, reason a day-long charge, can be operated easily, and are browser-first, though any risks of downloading rough software. Best of all, they’re cheap, too. Despite all these kid-friendly credentials, a miss of effective parental controls has been a regard in new months.

When Google’s “supervised users” beta module wound down in mid-January, it left anyone regulating Chrome or Chrome OS though a elementary built-in reserve net, creation it tough to preserve kids with Chromebooks from a firehose of information that is a internet. Ironically, Google’s possess YouTube is one of a bigger culprits. Its absolute “watch next” algorithm has taken children down some upsetting rabbit trails in a new past.

But final week, news pennyless that Google has quietly updated a Family Link app to work on Chrome OS, according to Chrome Unboxed. Parents now have a new approach to stop Chromebooks from vouchsafing their kids mainline YouTube videos. Here’s what we need to know about environment adult Family Link parental controls on Chromebooks.

The Family Link app, as it appears in a Google Play store.

How Family Link Works

To set adult parental controls on a Chromebook, you’ll need a Chromebook running Chrome OS 65 or later, and a Family Link account. If we don’t have an existent account, we can download and implement a app simply during a iOS or Android app stores. It’s dictated for families with children underneath 13 years of age.

You can supplement your child to a Family Link comment by a Chromebook’s Add Person symbol on a lockscreen. Use your child’s Family Link comment sum to pointer in.

You’ll see a prompt page explaining how Family Link’s functionality works on your Chromebook. Once we strike Okay, you’ll have finished a routine of integrating Family Link with your Chromebook, giving your child a Chromebook comment we can monitor.

Manage where they can browse

The Family Link app is designed to retard a preference of supportive online calm or options. Here’s a list of what won’t uncover adult to anyone browsing by your child’s account.

  • Chrome’s Incognito mode
  • Websites flagged by Google for aroused or passionate content
  • The Google Play Store (so your child won’t make any unapproved purchases)

In addition, relatives can select to more firmly limit a sites their child can visit. To this, go to a Family Link app and daub Settings → Manage settings → Filters on Google Chrome → Only concede certain sites. You should see screens identical to a ones graphic above.

Other options accessible on a Settings page concede a primogenitor to put controls on a formula from certain hunt terms and on that apps Google Assistant will let a child’s comment activate.

See their browsing history

To perspective your child’s browsing history, you’ll need to use a aged fashioned method. Open their Chromebook and daub a History symbol underneath a More territory (labeled with a 3 straight dots) to a upper-right of a Chrome browser.

You can transparent your child’s hunt story by your Family Link app, however. Go to Settings → Manage settings → Filters on Google Chrome → Chrome dashboard → Clear History. You should see screens identical to a ones graphic above.

What You Can’t Do

Chromebook support for Family Link is sincerely new, that means that a few facilities competence still hurl out in a future. For now, dual large facilities of a parental control app are blank on Chromebooks.

No time limits

Sadly, time limits, one of a biggest advantages of a Family Link app for Android, is not upheld nonetheless on Chromebooks. This means we can’t set time boundary on how many shade time your child will get before their internet shuts down and they’re shuttled off to play outside, study, or get prepared for bed.

No plcae tracking

You won’t be means to support locations or be means to locate a mislaid Chromebook remotely by Family Link. Granted, your child is reduction expected to be relocating around with a Chromebook than with an Android phone, where this underline comes in a many handy.

What About Antivirus Options?

Enough about parental controls on Chromebooks: What about antivirus? Any laptop needs an antivirus module safeguarding it from a augmenting series of hacks and breaches, right? Actually, not always.

Chromebooks don’t get viruses in a normal sense. Thanks to a simplicity, a Chrome OS stays really secure. Apps and extensions are a usually ways to set adult any third-party module on a Chromebook — options such as a Avast or McAfee extensions won’t indeed indicate a Chromebook for viruses, though will warning we to intensity hazards on sites we revisit or files we open. Since your Chromebook won’t be influenced by these sites or viruses, even these extensions are sincerely superfluous.

Chromebooks do have only one confidence issue: If we supplement a antagonistic extension, you’ll humour a consequences. The best recommendation is to never supplement an app or prolongation that we don’t trust. It should come from a publisher we know or have a few thousand certain reviews. If you’re ever worried with an extension, a resolution is as easy as deletion it.

If we need to know some-more about environment adult and using a Family Link parental controls on Chromebooks, check out Google’s support couple here.

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