How to refurbish a Trusted Platform Module on your Chromebook

March 1, 2018 - chromebook

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are some of a many secure computers now on a market. They can’t run normal programs, that means that viruses and malware designed for Windows and macOS only don’t work. If Chrome OS is mutated in any way, a device will peep a frightful warning summary each time it’s incited on. These — total with an interface that is easy to use — make Chromebooks good computers for roughly anyone.

But there are still vulnerabilities to be wakeful of. Technology isn’t magic, and even a many secure systems need unchanging maintenance. For a many part, this happens automatically — Chromebooks download OS and confidence updates in a background, and they get commissioned when a user reboots a machine. Recently, a smirch was detected with a Trusted Platform Module — or TPM — used in roughly each Chromebook.

The TPM is a chip obliged for a whole garland of stuff — mostly carrying to do with firmly storing unequivocally supportive calm like confidence keys and executive passwords for your device. The firmware for a TPM is updated alone from a rest of a handling complement for additional security.

The TPM maintains a possess private keys, though bugs in some TPM versions could make those private keys accessible to attackers. In unsentimental terms, that could arrangement device information and concede someone to beast force their approach into your account. If we have one of these Chrome devices, we might be using one of a influenced TPM versions.

Here’s how to find out if we need to finish a update:

  1. Type chrome://system in a Chrome hunt bar.
  2. This page displays all a hardware and program information about your device, so wait a notation or dual for it to all load.
  3. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to open a hunt box.
  4. Type tpm. The second outcome will be tpm_version.
  5. Click expand subsequent to tpm_version to arrangement your TPM’s firmware version.

If we have one of a next firmware versions, we will need to implement a update:

  • 000000000000041f – 4.31
  • 0000000000000420 – 4.32
  • 0000000000000628 – 6.40
  • 0000000000008520 – 133.32

If we have one of these firmware versions, we are already stable opposite a bug:

  • 0000000000000422 – 4.34
  • 000000000000062b – 6.43
  • 0000000000008521 – 133.33

Fortunately, all we have to do to implement a refurbish is Powerwash your Chromebook. Unfortunately, this will erase your internal data. Be certain to backup any internal files we or other users have. When we go to Powerwash your Chromebook, you’ll see an additional check box that says “Update firmware for combined security”. Check this box, let your device reset, and that’s it! Just set your Chromebook behind adult and you’re done.

When was a final time we updated your Chromebook? Let us know down below!

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