HP Service Document Reveals 5 Chromebook X2 Models And UK Keyboard

July 11, 2018 - chromebook

When we spoke with my contacts during HP a few weeks back, they were a tad shy about either or not they were creation variants of a recently expelled HP Chromebook x2. One thing they did make transparent was a fact that a usually indication now accessible (the $599, Core m3) was never dictated to have a backlit keyboard. Their accurate difference were “the sold “SKU” that is offered from Best Buy does not have that feature.”

While HP wasn’t about to give me a approbation or no on other iterations of a Chromebook x2, a review left me desiring they were really in a works. That, total with a fact that we know of a existence of a pre-production Core i5/m5, 8GB indication (with a backlit keyboard), creates me flattering assured we will eventually see some variants of a world’s initial detachable Chromebook. As to when we could see them is a doubt that will usually have to sojourn unanswered for a time being.

Fast brazen to yesterday evening.

Robby and we were chatting about Microsoft’s latest machine, a Surface Go and out of curiosity, we started researching a Pentium chip that powers a new Windows detachable. Much to my surprise, we stumbled on a PDF that papers technical specifications and servicing instructions for a HP Chromebook x2.

Not usually did we find explanation of a Core i5/m5 indication though there are indeed FIVE adaptations of a high-res Chrome OS detachable. Here are some of a specifics.

So, on tip of a some-more absolute Core model, we see 3 variations of a stream Core m3 that embody upgrades to a RAM and storage. Below that, we can see a Pentium indication that is powered by a really same chip that’s inside Microsoft’s new Surface Go.

We’ve used a few Pentium Chromebooks here in a bureau and for a normal user, they have copiousness of power. The large and here could be a cost that will contest a new Surface Go. If HP can marketplace a Pentium Chromebook x2 during $499 (or reduction would be even better), it could take some of a breeze out of Microsoft’s sails in their hunt to contest with Apple’s iPad.

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The fifty-seven-page request we found is filled mostly with technical lingo and teardowns that were meant for certified use technicians. My theory is that it was never meant for open expenditure in a initial place. we won’t gimlet we with all a sum of a primer though there are integrate some-more equipment that held my courtesy and might be good news for many a Chromebook user.

We know that a chronicle of a Chromebook x2 exists (albeit not officially) with a backlit keyboard and a use primer confirms that HP did or does have it in a blueprints. It also confirms a United Kingdom keyboard blueprint that is sparkling news for so many readers who have emailed and commented wanting to know if HP would be bringing a detachable opposite a pond.

HP is good famous for their somewhat individualist Chromebook variations. With a recover of a HP Chromebook 13 G1, they presented a series of models that ranged all over a place and pricing done small to no clarity when we threw in their “configurable” models that roughly doubled a cost though combined most 0 hardware upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, a 13 G1 was and still is a beautiful, absolute Chromebook though it is my wish that HP will get their pricing structures figured out before a launch of any of these Chromebook x2 variations.

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