Lenovo Chromebook 500e vs. ASUS Chromebook Flip C213

March 12, 2018 - chromebook

2018 is branch out to be a stellar year for Chromebooks and it’s usually a commencement of a year. This is even some-more clear when we demeanour during a “ruggedized” education-focused models and see their prices. You used to need to spend an arm and a leg to get an educational Chromebook, yet new products like a ASUS Flip C213 and Lenovo’s 500e move these tough and means laptops into a $300 range. At that price, shopping one is a no-brainer. Choosing that one to buy is a small some-more difficult.

The Best Chromebook

Let’s start by comparing what’s a same. The Lenovo 500e and ASUS Flip C213 are both 12-inch Chromebooks (that means they have an 11.6-inch display) designed for a preparation sector. A Chromebook built for preparation isn’t that opposite from a customary indication outward of how they are constructed. Educational tech hardware needs to be means to assistance learn a subsequent generation, yet it also needs to be means to take a lot some-more abuse than a customary consumer indication does, and both of these products have what it takes to accommodate those standards:

  • MIL-STD-810G compliance
  • Spill-resistant keyboard tray
  • Rubber bumpers and construction that will tarry a fall

Both models run Chrome OS (of course) that isn’t theme to a manufacturer’s whims when it comes to a user interface, focus support, or pre-install applications. You’ll see central support with involuntary updates approach from Google for during slightest 6.5 years so a Chromebook we buy currently will have a latest chronicle of a program in 2024; prolonged after you’ve stopped regulating it. After a AUP (Automatic Update Policy) duration has finished, you’re giveaway to implement Chromium (the giveaway and open-source handling complement Chrome OS is formed on) for as prolonged as we would like.

One thing a same on every Chromebook is a program and 6.5 years of full support from Google.

Both Chromebooks also have entrance to all a apps you’ll find in Google’s Play store, as a Android app horizon is now a partial of Chrome OS. There is one disproportion in a software, though. The Lenovo 500e sole by sell channels will still offer a G Suite for Education and Google Classroom support. For many of us this creates small difference, yet if you’re shopping a Chromebook that a tyro or clergyman will be regulating it would be good to have entrance to all on both a “work” and a personal Chromebook.

They’re also flattering matching when it comes to tech specs. You’ll find 32GB of storage (eMMC for those meddlesome in a type), an old-fashioned 1366 x 768 arrangement resolution, support for an EMR stylus, a microSD label reader, 4GB of memory and an Intel Apollo Lake processor in each. The final dual aren’t utterly equal, though.

Internal hardware

Let’s start with a processor. Both are Apollo Lake (Goldmont) Intel Celeron processors. Apollo Lake is Intel’s 2016 height for embedded, mobile, server and light workstation products and they are matched utterly good in a entrance ARM vs. Intel CPU wars in this segment. The Celeron array has several models to select from and a N3350 we see in a ASUS C213 is matching to a N3450U inside a Lenovo 500e in some specs: 1.1GHz, 2MB of cache and a TDP of 6 watts. Where they differ is a detonate speed and series of cores, with a N3450U in a Lenovo being a aloft product with a 2.4GHz detonate speed and 4 cores compared to a 2.2 GHz detonate speed and dual cores from a N3350 seen in a ASUS.

Both models also underline 4GB of DDR4 RAM interjection to a Intel Goldmont CPU design that brings DDR4 and other goodies like USB 3.1 support to mobile processors. But again, things aren’t utterly equal since a ASUS C213 has 2400MHz RAM and a Lenovo 500e has 1600MHz RAM.

Small differences in specs aside, both of these models have hardware that’s really good matched for a reward Chromebook.

It’s hapless that a improved memory isn’t inside a Chromebook with a improved CPU since that would make determining that has a improved hardware an easy decision. From a opening standpoint, a Lenovo 500e will be improved during any charge optimized for a x86 Goldmont design when it comes to calculations, yet a 2400MHz RAM creates a ASUS C213 improved when it comes to memory function since of a aloft time speed. Chrome OS (and that includes a Android portion) will be optimized for a Intel chip on both models, yet we would have to collect a ASUS as carrying a improved hardware since of a faster RAM and a approach Chrome uses RAM and sandboxes any process.

source ⦿ https://www.androidcentral.com/lenovo-chromebook-500e-vs-asus-chromebook-flip-c213

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