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March 3, 2018 - chromebook

Lenovo has a new contingent of Chromebooks, all of that are designed to be used and abused in schools. Featuring reinforced hinges, ports, and keyboards, and means of withstanding 30-inch drops, they’re a unequivocally hint of ruggedized technology. And to my nauseating eyes, they demeanour like a reversion to a good aged days of Asus Eee PC netbooks from a decade ago. Pure duty during a zodiacally permitted price.

Starting off with a many simple 100e Chromebook, which costs $219, Lenovo gives we an overwhelming small keyboard with copiousness of pivotal transport and 0 typing fatigue. That’s tied to an 11.6-inch shade that has a fortitude of 1336 x 768 and honestly inhuman observation angles. I’d rarely suggest stepping adult to a $279 300e Chromebook, that adds touch, a many softened display, and a Yoga-style 360-degree hinge. The 300e is also means of usurpation records created on a shade with a customary HB2 pencil. In fact, it’s optimized for that purpose, and no, a pencil doesn’t leave nauseous markings all over a screen. The $349 500e Chromebook indication has a possess stylus (and a silo for storing it in), that provides lag-free input, pleasantness of a Chrome OS API that Lenovo has taken advantage of.

Lenovo 300e, 500e, and 100e Chromebooks

All 3 laptops share a same shade distance and resolution, all 3 assign around USB-C, and all 3 guarantee a 10-hour battery life. Interestingly, a 100e and 500e use Intel Celeron processors — N3350 for a reduce model, N3450 for a pricier one — while a 300e has an ARM-based MediaTek MTK 8173C chip. The batteries of a Intel-powered machines are 42Wh while a 300e gets a small boost with 45Wh. A final eminence for a 300e is that it has a full-size SD label slot, while a other dual machines make do with MicroSD.

In my time with these 3 laptops during Mobile World Congress, we was astounded by only how many Lenovo has been means to fist into a sub-$300 mechanism category. Granted, we disgust a 100e’s nauseous arrangement with a passion, though we can’t contend a same about a keyboard or ruggedness. Lenovo seems to have gotten a fundamentals right with these machines. In a same meeting, a association had new Flex and Yoga Windows laptops to uncover off, any of that cost mixed times some-more than these Chromebooks, though my courtesy remained on a 500e. That lag-free stylus submit unequivocally is something to behold, and it left me doodling and annotating things only for a fun of this novel experience.

With a keyboard so good and a sketch knowledge that’s higher to vastly some-more costly machines, a 500e Chromebook looks like a good small choice for a delegate or even tertiary computer. It gets things done, and it promises to tarry many accidentals and mishaps, either during home or during school. Lenovo will start offered a 300e Chromebook and 500e Chromebook true away, with a 100e Chromebook following in March.

Photography by Vlad Savov / The Verge

source ⦿ https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/26/17051424/lenovo-chromebook-education-e100-e300-e500-price-release-date-mwc-2018

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