Linux Containers [Crostini] For Samsung Chromebook Plus In The Works

May 6, 2018 - chromebook

Linux enclosure growth continues to plow brazen with any day that goes by. More hectic than a whole Android app commencement for Chrome OS ever was, a Crostini plan seems to deliver new facilities into a overlay on what seems like a daily basis.

If we haven’t kept adult to date with all that is going on with Linux containers on Chromebooks, you can click here to review all we’ve created on a matter and get held adult with a latest info to date.

Now that we’re on a same page, there’s a fold in this whole growth cycle we’ve famous was coming. Dating behind years, Linux support has always been improved and more-supported on Intel-based devices. As we are saying some-more ARM inclination in a works (especially one being done with a absolute Snapdragon 845), we can’t forget about a existent inclination that are now out in a market.

The many critical one? The Samsung Chromebook Plus. Powered by a OP1 chip (RK3399 for those that caring about such things), Samsung’s ARM-powered Chromebook with a good arrangement and enclosed Pen is a device that finds itself in many users’ bags. With inclination like this, a ASUS Chromebook Flip C101, and a guarantee of arriving Snapdragon Chromebooks, a destiny of ARM-powered Chromebooks looks rather bright.

If this whole Linux enclosure plan ends adult being a vital partial of a altogether Chromebook experience, many users are already commencement to consternation how all this will work for those on ARM Chromebooks. After all, Crouton – the existing, hacky approach to get Linux apps on your Chromebook – has worked for ARM in a past with singular app support. There’s no reason because Crostini won’t support ARM devices, too.

Proof It Is Coming

All a reasons because this should work don’t unequivocally put anyone during ease, though, do they? What can?

Some commits and user posts over during a central Crostini Subreddit should assistance anyone with an ARM-powered Chromebook feel a bit some-more during ease. The latter couple is flattering sparkling as we usually saw this process operative on a Pixelbook about a week ago. It seems Crostini growth for ARM play is relocating along utterly easily according to these latest findings.

I can’t highlight adequate that if this things is engaging to you, you’d do good to allow to a Crostini Subreddit right away. The village there is flourishing fast and a some-more people that start contributing, a some-more pieces of a nonplus will come together.

Either way, we’ll be here by a whole thing, so make certain and allow down during a bottom of this page to stay in a know as we continue down a trail to Linux apps strictly on Chrome OS.

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