Making The Grade: Where a iPad still excels over Chromebooks regardless of price

April 7, 2018 - chromebook

Making The Grade is a weekly array from Bradley Chambers covering Apple in education. Bradley has been handling Apple inclination in an preparation sourroundings given 2009. Through his knowledge deploying and handling 100s of Macs and 100s of iPads, Bradley will prominence ways in that Apple’s products work during scale, stories from a trenches of IT management, and ways Apple could urge a products for students.

I’ve talked a lot of ways that Apple needs to urge a preparation charity in new weeks. One of a poignant ways is with identity management. we even wrote about my disappointment with Apple’s many new preparation eventuality as well. While Apple has a lot of ways to urge to compare Google’s K–12 offering, they do browbeat in a big approach in one area: a app ecosystem.

Apple’s preparation story essentially comes down to a iPad. While their laptop and desktop products are used in K–12, a iPad stays a widespread product per volume.

While a reduce cost (compared to a MacBook) indeed is partial of it, we would also supplement that a App Store is a outrageous partial of a reason iPads have sole so good in K–12. The iPad relies on apps, and Chromebooks rest on a open web when it comes to preparation curriculum.

As an example, let’s contend that a clergyman wants to strengthen “place value” to their students. When we hunt place value on Apple’s Volume Purchase App Store, we get a lot of options to squeeze and install.

How do we find this for Chromebooks? we theory we would start on a Chrome Web Store first. Here is what we see:

What about only acid Google in general?

I found one web app that might work and a few pointless websites charity some other content.

Do we see my indicate here? While Chromebooks have entrance to everything on a web, they do miss a abounding resources that a iPad App Store offers. Why is this? I’d disagree it’s dual reasons:

  1. It’s easier to make income offered apps in K–12 than offered entrance to a website.
  2. The submit process of a iPad, while not as useful for news writing, serves students good with interactive apps.

The iPad was reliant on apps from day one, where a Chromebook has been reliant on carrying a full web browser. There are use cases where submit methods of these inclination excel, and a destiny of K–12 device marketplace share will be won by that use box ends adult “winning.”

When teachers need a targeted app to work with their doctrine plans, a iPad will expected win out in many situations. If they need students to do investigate on a given subject and put together a news or presentation, Chromebooks are going to be easier to use.

Will Android apps on Chromebooks overpass a opening for Google, or will Apple enhance out iPad to work some-more like a normal desktop appurtenance when a use box calls for it? Whichever device that can enhance their use box will expected be a browbeat force in K-12 for a subsequent decade.

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