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July 29, 2017 - chromebook


In a final year while articulate to reputable security-focused engineers developers, I’ve come to entirely conclude Google’s Chrome OS design. The pattern benefited from a complicated perspective of hazard displaying and real-world attacks. For example, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware chips are built into each Chromebook and deeply incorporated into a OS. The pattern papers go into some fact on a specific protections that TPM provides, quite around critical encryption functions.

I also schooled that Chromebook is a daily motorist for many of Google’s possess comparison developers and confidence engineers. In short, a multiple of a underlying Chromebook hardware with a OS pattern creates for a flattering constrained secure growth environment.


It’s flattering neat to cruise a probability of pre-travel “power washing” (resetting all purify to bureau settings) on an inexpensive Chromebook and after firmly revive over a atmosphere once during my destination. Since there is a wide operation in Chromebook prices, a engineering plea here was to find something absolute adequate to absolutely use exclusively for several days of coding, writing, and presenting, though also inexpensive adequate that should it get lost/stolen/damaged, we wouldn’t remove too most sleep. The hazard indication here does not embody liberation from earthy tampering; if a appurtenance were somehow confiscated or differently out of my custody, we could provide it as a burner and pierce on.

Interesting beam on how to spin an inexpensive Chromebook into a burner developer device protected for general travel.

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