New AMD Chromebook In Development: Meet Grunt

October 15, 2017 - chromebook

It has been utterly some time given we unclosed a initial justification of a first AMD-powered Chromebook and we are still watchful to see a appearance of pronounced device. Over a year in a works, a AMD height on Chrome OS is still really most alive and relocating forward.

This week we dug adult some commits that benefaction us with nonetheless another Stoney Ridge AMD Chromebook to demeanour brazen to during some indicate in a not-so-distant future.

‘Grunt’, a formula name of a new board, was combined to a repository only final week and has nonetheless to yield many sum about a new device though from a conceal file, it is transparent we are looking during a new Chromebook in a works.

Buried in a .ebuild file, we can clearly see a anxiety to a baseboard ‘grunt’ and a id “Chromebook.” This is customarily a good indicator that a device in doubt is some-more than only a anxiety or exam device but, in fact, a Chromebook being built for production.

If we occur to be a gamer, Grunt, and a other AMD device Kahlee are expected informed names. Following a common impression fixing intrigue of Chrome OS, these dual play are named after characters from a renouned Mass Effect franchise.

Barely a week old, it could be months before we find out accurately who is creation this Chromebook and when it might be available. We will be gripping a pointy eye on them as an AMD-powered Chromebook will be a initial and I, for one, am vehement about the intensity a device like this could possess.

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