New Cannon Lake Chromebook ‘Meowth’ On The Way

November 14, 2017 - chromebook

Google’s Pixelbook is, for now, a usually Kaby Lake Chromebook on a market. As we have seen with last-gen Skylake devices, a adoption of a higher-end chips is singular and targets mostly power-users and craving types. That doesn’t meant we won’t shortly see a Chromebook powered by Intel’s latest era of Cannon Lake processors.

In late June, we unclosed a initial signs of a 10nm Cannon Lake chipset being used in a developmental anxiety board, ‘Zoombini’. This week, developers have begun work on what appears to be a initial tangible prolongation Chromebook with a Cannon Lake processor.

Meet Meowth

Yes, Meowth.

The “Scratch Cat” from a permanent Pokémon authorization is creation his approach to Chrome OS. As with many Chrome devices, this new Cannon Lake Chromebook is named after a diversion impression and it looks like Pokémon will be a thesis for this era of machines.

Cannon Lake brings a long-awaited attainment of a initial 10nm processor from Intel and likely, saying a device with this chip is still a year out, if not longer. Kaby Lake processors share a lot of similarities with a 6th era Skylake chips that authorised developers to counterpart a lot of a house support directly from prior machines. The same substantially won’t be loyal for a new Cannon Lake processors.

We’re still looking brazen to saying more Kaby Lake devices arrive in a nearby destiny though during a same time, it is sparkling to see a latest from Intel already creation a approach into a Chromebook. The destiny is splendid for Chrome OS and we’re looking brazen to being there each step of a way.

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Fun Fact

Meowth is one of usually a tiny handful of Pokémon that can pronounce a “human” language. He also taught himself to travel on his rear legs to stir a womanlike Meowth.

Source: Chromium Repository

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