Samsung’s subsequent torpedo Chromebook feature? An considerable Sony camera sensor

January 3, 2018 - chromebook

Chromebooks have been improving usually via a years, yet they’ve consistently had unsatisfactory cameras. Fortunately, it looks like that’s about to change.

We’ve been flitting along news about a rumored “Nautilus” Chromebook from Samsung for a while now, yet unexpected it looks a lot some-more engaging than it already did.

For one, a developer review on a Chromium repository categorically states that it’s a Samsung product. For another, it claims a device will competition a 13MP Sony IMX258 camera sensor, reports Chrome Unboxed.

That means that a Nautilus – that is rumored to be a detachable two-in-one device like a Microsoft Surface Book with a stylus – will also expected have a same categorical camera we find on a LG G6

Most Chromebooks seem to scrimp on cameras out of an apparent faith that a common 720p inclination won’t be used for most else besides video calls, yet a good camera like a IMX258 would make clarity for a Chromebook that can double as a tablet.

It’s probable that a device will still have a mild front-facing camera, yet a IMX258 could finish adult being a rear-facing sensor for when improved shots are called for in inscription mode.

Looking ahead

The Nautilus mostly stays in a area of early rumor, though, so it’s anyone’s theory as to when we’ll indeed see a device. The year is apparently still immature and a 2018 recover date isn’t out of a question, yet it’s expected that we won’t see it until after in a year if that’s a case.

On a other hand, CES 2018 is only a week away, so it’s probable Samsung will have a warn for us. 

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