School district bits Lenovo Chromebooks for glow concerns …

September 17, 2017 - chromebook

School officials in one Massachusetts city are scrambling to acquire hundreds of new Chromebooks and iPads after carrying to toss out 1,169 Lenovo Chromebook N21 and N22 laptops.

The East Bridgewater open propagandize district done a preference to remember a Chromebooks after questioning 3 apart sparking and smoking incidents with a laptops over 9 months. The latest occurrence took place on Tuesday, with a tyro stating fume entrance out of a front-facing camera.

Lenovo told superintendent Liz Legault that a sparking “was low voltage [and] that a cosmetic was glow resistant.”

The district spent approximately $213,000 on a Chromebooks and, by propagandize cabinet approval, will be means to spend another $181,155 for iPads, charging carts and some-more Chromebooks done by HP. Officials are operative with word and Lenovo to solve some of a waste incurred.

The Enterprise reports that students are struggling to cope as teachers, who have already integrated Chromebooks into daily doctrine plans.

“Most teachers need [computer use in class],” one tyro said. “Like, we can’t use your phones, and they design we to have all your task on it.”

Image: Marc Vasconcellos, The Enterprise

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