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March 4, 2018 - chromebook

Q: How do we imitation from a Google Chromebook?

A: Wireless printers designated as “cloud-ready” are typically a many candid to use with a Chrome OS netbook. But if we have an comparison “classic” Wi-Fi printer but a “Cloud-ready” label, we should still be means to use it with your Chromebook, as prolonged as we have Google’s Chrome browser on a Windows or Mac mechanism to hoop a setup chores. (Google’s YouTube channel has videos that denote how to set adult both cloud-ready and “classic” printers to work with a Chromebook.)

If we have a cloud-ready printer already operative on your network, pointer into your Chromebook and make certain it is connected to a same network as a printer. Click your account’s form imitation and name Settings on a Chromebook. At a bottom of a Settings list, name Advanced, go to a Printing territory and name Printers. Click “Add Printer.” Choose your network’s printer and click Add. (If we do not see your printer, a Chromebook support site has instructions for adding it manually.)

To bond an comparison Wi-Fi printer to a Google Cloud Print use so your Chromebook can use it, open a Chrome browser on a Windows PC or a Mac and record into your Google account. (You can't use a Chromebook to directly set adult a printer on Google Cloud Print.) Open a Chrome Settings menu on a right side of a browser and click Advanced. Under Printing, name Google Cloud Print and afterwards “Manage Google Cloud Print devices.” Choose your printer and click “Add Printer.”

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Certain Hewlett-Packard printer models work with a special Chromebook app to concede copy over a USB wire connection. If we wish to imitation that way, implement a HP Print for Chrome prolongation from a Chrome Web store. Once a prolongation is installed, a Google Print window should give we a choice to name a connected USB printer.

When we have combined a printer, press a Control and P keys on a keyboard. Click a Change symbol subsequent to Destination, name a newly combined printer and click Print.

Monitoring mobile information use for apps

Q: Are there any programs that lane phone mobile information use by particular app?

A: Third-party apps mostly use easy-to-read graphics to mangle down your phone’s mobile information expenditure so we can see only that programs are blazing your bytes. Data Usage for Android and iOS and My Data Manager (also for Android and iOS) are among a accessible options, and your wireless conduit might have a possess data-tracking app. However, depending on your device, we might not need additional software.

In iOS 11, open a Settings idol on a home shade and daub Cellular. Scroll down a Cellular Data territory to see a sum volume of information used in a stream duration remarkable above a list of apps authorised to use a mobile connection. (The “current period” is totalled between a times we strike a Reset Statistics symbol during a bottom of a shade — that can be during a commencement of your mobile billing duration or whenever we feel like it.)

In a list, we can see a volume of information any app uses displayed underneath a name. If we wish to stop an app from pulling down information over a mobile connection, daub a symbol on a right side of a shade to shorten a network activity to a Wi-Fi connection.

The stairs for checking your information use in Android change formed on a handling complement and device maker. In several versions, start by opening a Settings app, selecting Network Internet, afterwards drumming Data Usage and Mobile Data Usage. To see how most an app is eating, daub a name in a list to see a sum use, a forehead and a credentials use. Android 7.0 and after has a Data Saver mode that can assistance save megabytes on a singular plan.

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