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August 7, 2018 - chromebook

The $400 Microsoft Surface Go has arrived. Designed for students or as a delegate device, a low cost puts it in domain dominated by Chromebooks.


There’s a lot to like about Microsoft’s 10-inch tablet, including a high-resolution display, stout build peculiarity and discretionary keyboard. But if it’s going to make a hole in a bill laptop market, a Surface Go will need to infer a value opposite a best Chrome OS devices, like a Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA.

Here is a demeanour during how Microsoft’s new Surface Go stacks adult opposite Chromebooks, regulating a Asus laptop as a indicate of comparison, so we can confirm that is right for you. 


The Microsoft Surface Go looks like a smaller chronicle of a some-more costly Surface Pro, and that’s mostly a good thing. The new inscription has a built-in 165-degree kickstand, a 3:2 arrangement ratio, and a corpulent bezels approximate a colorful, high-resolution (1,800 x 1,200) touch-screen display.


The Surface Go comes with an 8-megapixel behind camera, something we won’t find on clamshell Chromebooks. On a front is a 5-MP selfie cam with facial-recognition login technology. Because it’s so thin, a Surface Go is rather brief on ports. It has a USB-C charging port, a headphone jack and a Surface Connect pier for plugging into a docking station.

Perhaps a many considerable thing about this Surface inscription is a weight. At a measly 1.2 pounds (1.7 pounds with a discretionary keyboard), a Surface Go is lighter than many Chromebooks. And during 0.3 inches thick, a Surface Go is easy to lift around or trip in a bag. 

The Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA is a many approach aspirant to a Surface Go. This $449 2-in-1 has a stylish aluminum pattern that is suggestive of a MacBook. It might not be as stretchable as a Surface Go, though a 360-degree hinges allows it to hook behind into a inscription or to mount in tent mode. 

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The Flip also has a improved accumulation of ports than a Surface Go, with dual USB Type-C ports, a headphone jack and a microSD label reader. Weighing 2.6 pounds and measuring 0.6 inches thick, a Flip is heavier and thicker than a Surface.

Winner: Surface Go


At 1800 x 1200 resolution, a Surface Go’s 10-inch touch-screen display has a ton of pixels for a price. Better yet, it reproduced an glorious 130 percent of a sRGB tone gamut. That’s among a top scores we’ve seen from a sub-$500 laptop, that means we can pattern some quite clear colors.


The Asus ChromeBook Flip C302’s 12.5-inch row is really good in a possess right. The 1080p row reached 76 percent of a sRGB tone gamut. That’s nowhere nearby a Surface Go, though it does kick other similarly-priced Chromebooks.

The Chromebook Flip’s arrangement is really accurate, with a measure of 1.6 on a Delta-E test,  compared with a Surface Go’s gloomy 6.1 (Numbers closer to 0 are better). On a other hand, a Surface Go gets almost brighter than a Chromebook. It reached a rise liughtness of 404 nits, since a Flip C302 maxed out during usually 292 nits. 

Winner: Surface Go


The Microsoft Surface Go’s Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor and 4GB (or 8GB) of RAM are identical to what you’d find on midrange Chromebooks.  Depending on a model, a Surface Go comes with possibly 64GB of eMMC or 128GB of SSD storage. Unfortunately, Windows 10 takes adult some-more room than Chrome OS, so you’ll need to be crafty about downloading programs or storing files.

asus-chromebook-flip-c302caIn Chrome OS’ corner, a Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA comes with an Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. The Flip and Surface have identical performance, and should yield adequate energy to run bland tasks, like browsing a web or examination videos. Just don’t pattern them to run perfectionist programs or play graphics-intensive games.

But in a end, it’s a Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA that takes a crown, outperforming a Surface Go on a JetStream JavaScript benchmark, that measures a opening of web apps. It scored a 127.3, compared to a Surface Go’s 89.

Winner: Chromebook

Battery Life 

The Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA lasted 8 hours and 52 mins in a Laptop Battery Test, that involves continual web surfing over Wi-Fi with arrangement liughtness set to 150 nits.


The Microsoft Surface Pro with full Windows 10 Home disappointed, durability usually 6 hours and 6 minutes, about an hour and a half shorter than a normal sub-$400 laptop (7:41).

Winner: Chromebook


Microsoft still refuses to gold a keyboard with a Surface 2-in-1s. You’ll need to spend an additional $99 for a cosmetic Black Type Cover or $130 for a Alcantara-lined Signature edition. Aside from that, a keyboards are sincerely gentle to form on, notwithstanding descending brief of a 1.5 millimeter smallest for pivotal travel. And a 61-gram actuation force helps assuage that shallowness, creation for an altogether pleasing experience.


The Chromebook Flip C302CA’s island-style, backlit keyboard provides 1.6mm of travel, that is within a 1.5-2mm preference. The downside is that a keys need 49 grams of force to actuate.

Winner: Chromebook


Choosing between Windows 10 and Chrome OS is half a battle. If we know you’re going to download third-party software, like video– or photo-editing programs, we should go with a Surface. Windows has amassed an unconstrained list of concordant module for professionals and students alike. If there’s a module or diversion you’re meddlesome in, we can substantially download it onto a Surface Go.


This isn’t a box with Chrome OS. Although a series of Chrome OS-compatible apps has fast increased, it still lags behind Windows. That said, Chromebooks have an advantage given their parsimonious formation with Android. Google’s browser-centric OS now supports a vast library of Android apps, so a same capability module or games on your phone can be used on a laptop. 

It’s critical to note that a Surface Go ships with Windows 10 S. Designed to be faster and some-more secure, this stripped-down handling complement usually runs apps from a Microsoft Store. We suggest holding advantage of a giveaway ascent to full Windows 10.

The Windows 10 and Chrome OS interfaces are identical in many ways. Both have a categorical home shade with a taskbar where we can place app shortcuts for discerning access. On both handling systems’, we have a settings menu on a bottom-right corner, and we can entrance apps from a bottom left. Windows also includes a start menu where we can see all your files and services, and a presentation core that gives we email updates and calendar reminders.

If we navigate your inclination regulating voice commands, afterwards you’ll be happy to hear that both Windows 10 and Chrome OS embody voice assistants. But until Google brings a Assistant to some-more laptops, we will continue to cite Cortana for a wider operation of commands.

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Overall, Chrome OS has a easier interface, and it is a good choice for people who usually need to roller a web. Because Chrome OS lacks support for third-party software, Windows 10 is a improved choice for those who run some-more perfectionist module or play AAA video games. 

Winner: Surface Go


The Microsoft Surface Go starts during $399, though that cost fast spikes if we opt for a high-end indication or supplement accessories. Doubling a volume of storage from 64GB to 128GB and RAM from 4GB to 8GB brings a cost to $549. The keyboard, one of a Surface Go’s best features, costs an additional $129, and a stylus tacks on another $99. That brings a sum cost of a high-end Surface Go with a keyboard and stylus to $779.

Typically, we can find a Chromebook that’s cheaper than a Surface Go’s starting price. For example, a glorious Samsung Chromebook 3 costs only $169. The 12.5-inch Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA, a stream best altogether collect and a approach aspirant to a Surface Go, costs $449. On a aloft finish of a spectrum, you’ll find Google’s really possess Pixelbook, a $999 appurtenance with absolute internals.

Winner: Chromebook

Overall Winner: Chromebook

If $399 is over your budget, a answer is simple: buy a Chromebook. There are copiousness of Chrome OS laptops that start for reduction than a Surface Go. Even if you’ve budgeted for a Surface, you’ll need to be clever not to get held in a accessories trap. Its cost can ascend with a discretionary keyboard and stylus, putting it adult opposite a operation of glorious Windows laptops, like a Asus VivoBook E403NA.

If we have a stretchable budget, a Surface Go is an intriguing option. It offers a full handling complement for those who wish to download third-party software, and a ultra-portable pattern creates it good for students. Ultimately, if we wish a coherence offering by Windows 10 in an appealing and unstable chassis, we should strongly cruise a Surface Go. But if you’re looking for a cheapest thing that’ll get we on a web, afterwards a Chromebook is your best gamble — only make certain to buy a right one.

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