The timing is ideal for a new Chromebook Pixel

August 22, 2017 - chromebook

One thing is certain about Google’s tumble event: A Pixel will take a show. It only competence not be a one that fits in your pocket.

A gossip published by Android Police says Google is operative on a follow-up to a dropped 2nd-generation Chromebook Pixel, that hasn’t been accessible for squeeze given mid-2016. A new indication would be a pleasing warn for fans of a Google laptop, that was hailed during a time as the best Chromebook ever made. The third indication could be a attract that brings reward Chrome inclination mainstream.

The story behind a story: When a new Chromebook Pixel didn’t arrive final year, some speculated Google would retire a reward laptop as it focused on building a possess smartphone. That arrogance seemed scold when comparison clamp boss for hardware Rick Osterloh seemingly declared a Chromebook Pixel passed progressing this year, bluntly saying a association had “no plans” to deliver a new model. However, Osterloh would fast correct his matter with a reduction definitive, “we only have no skeleton to share during this time­.” Now it appears Google will indeed have copiousness to share during a tumble event, generally given it will container a torpedo feature: a ability to run Android apps.

Shiny and Chrome

Android Police’s news is intensely light on details, though a prior gossip about a “convertible” laptop nearing in a third entertain of 2017 (which could possibly meant a 360-degree hinge like Samsung’s Chromebook Pro, or a detachable keyboard like a Surface Pro) offering some some-more info: a 12.3-inch screen, 32GB or 128GB of storage, and 8GB or 16GB of RAM, all in a device around 10mm thick.(By comparison, Apple’s MacBook is scarcely 13 mm thick, and a 2nd-generation Pixel was 16.3 mm thick.) The hybrid device is also approaching to embody an discretionary Wacom stylus.

But a biggest disproportion between a 2017 Chromebook Pixel and a 2015 one would be Android apps. While it’s rarely doubtful that Android and Chrome will ever combine into a singular OS (despite a determined rumors), Google opened adult a Play Store to Chromebooks final year and has solemnly been rolling out Android app support with newer models.

The altogether experience, however, stays flattering hit-or-miss. A Google-designed appurtenance could coax some-more developers to optimize their apps for a platform. Chrome would be some-more viable to energy users with a full catalog of Android apps. An app-empowered Chromebook Pixel could indeed poise a plea to Apple’s MacBook and iPad Pro. Add LTE connectivity and a stylus, and we have a world’s initial must-have Chromebook.

While some nicer Chromebooks have shipped over a past dual years (including the Dell Chromebook 13 and HP Chromebook 13), they’re still mostly built for cost rather than power. A new Chromebook Pixel—especially one that pushed a bounds of design—would indurate a Pixel line as a premier code for Google’s OS platforms. In short: The time is ripe.

Along with a new Chromebook, Android Police also says that Google will be introducing a new mini chronicle of Google Home to plea Amazon’s Echo Dot.