The tip Chromebook tips (and more!) of 2017 | Computerworld

December 26, 2017 - chromebook

It’s no widen to contend 2017’s been a year of a Chromebook for Google.

Over a past 12 months, we’ve seen transformational new stairs in a ongoing fixing of Android and Chrome OS, including a central launch of Android app support for Chromebooks. Along with all a platform-level changes, Google launched one of a many engaging homemade hardware products in utterly some time: a luxury-level Pixelbook, that is a company’s initial try during a possess Chrome OS device given 2015’s second-gen Chromebook Pixel.

So, yeah: For all a courtesy Android tends to receive, Chrome OS has unequivocally been a height with a many poignant swell this year. And either you’re a new Chromebook modify or a Chrome OS vet, a ecosystem’s everlasting expansion means there’s always something new to learn and consider.

Behold: some of 2017’s many useful and thought-provoking Chromebook stories. Catch adult while we can and make certain you’re creation a many of your work and/or personal technology.