Top 3 reasons to buy a Chromebook over a inexpensive Windows laptop

July 27, 2018 - chromebook

Chromebooks repair many of these problems, for one reasonable price.

Chromebooks all have their driver/firmware/system updates pushed out by Google, gripping Chromebooks updated each 6 weeks or less. When an refurbish comes, Chrome OS will implement it in a background, afterwards an idol will seem in a bottom-right complement tray when finished, observant that your Chromebook is prepared to reboot. Chrome OS will not force itself into a refurbish reboot a approach Windows can and mostly does.

Whenever you’re finished with what we were regulating your Chromebook for, we can daub Restart to Update or in many cases usually close a lid. Your Chromebook will reboot and be behind adult and using in reduction than a minute. Heck, many times when we reboot a Chromebook for updates, it’s behind adult and watchful for my cue in reduction time than it takes to contend this whole sentence.

This scarcely ideal refurbish complement does come during a tiny price, and that cost is that each Chromebook on a marketplace has an Automatic Update Expiration (AUE) date, after that Google isn’t committed to pulling out updates. Most Chromebooks have during slightest 5 years of support between their recover and their AUE date; for instance a HP Chromebook X2 that came out this summer will be updated until Jun 2024, or 6 years after the launch.

Find out what your Chromebook’s Automatic Update Expiration date is

Do it all and do it all easily

You unequivocally can do all we need to on a Chromebook

Once on a time, Chromebooks indispensable an internet tie to get many of anything finished outward simple word processing, and so to this day, many people consider Chromebooks aren’t genuine computers that can’t do anything but an internet connection. Well, those people are blank out, since not usually can a Chromebook do usually about all your Windows appurtenance can — outward of professional-level CAD digest and some exclusive programs like iTunes — a Chromebook will do them improved and faster than a bargain-bin Windows laptop, and to them improved for years longer.

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