Using Microsoft Apps on a Chromebook

February 15, 2018 - chromebook

Q. Can we use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook?

A. Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS, that was introduced in 2009 as a streamlined handling complement for netbooks and other lightweight laptops. While we can't implement a normal Windows or Mac versions of Microsoft Office on a Chromebook and have a program indeed work, Microsoft’s Office apps for Android inclination can now run on a newer Chromebook models that have a ability to download, implement and run apps from a Google Play store.

The Office apps are giveaway for inclination with screens smaller than 10.1 inches, yet a giveaway Microsoft comment is compulsory to emanate and revise files. For Chromebooks and tablets with incomparable screens, a paid subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 use is required; a least costly plan is about $7 a month.


Beyond Chromebooks, Google Docs can open and revise Microsoft Word files right in a web browser of a Windows PC or a Mac, too.

The New York Times

The Office apps for Android are not a usually approach to open and revise Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on a Chromebook. If we have a giveaway Microsoft account, we can record in and revise files in Office Online, a browser-based chronicle of a suite.

Office-related Chrome browser extensions are accessible in a Chrome web store, including a Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides add-on, that automatically opens Office files in Google’s possess word-processing, spreadsheet and display apps. You can also open Office files with Google Docs right in a browser and convert files to possibly format. Last week, Google announced that Google Drive users could supplement comments directly to Office files, though carrying to modify a papers first.

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