Will Chromebook ‘Nami’ Be The First Pixelbook Rival?

March 5, 2018 - chromebook

We’ve seen a lot of change in a Chromebook marketplace over a past dual years of covering “All Things Chrome” and 2018 is moulding adult to be a landmark in a area of new form-factors and array of inclination launched.

In usually a past dual months we have seen a preparation zone flooded with Apollo Lake Chromebooks from usually about each manufacturer and there are some-more on a way. Soon we will have Chrome OS tablets and detachables to supplement to a wish list, as well.

What we haven’t seen is most in a approach of top-tier machines given a recover of Google’s Pixelbook final October. Sure, ASUS finally expelled a Core m7 indication of a C302 Flip here in a states yet a Skylake chipset isn’t prolonged for a Chrome OS universe as Kaby Lake is a goddess of a round interjection to a Pixelbook.

Still, we have nonetheless to see an tangible Kaby Lake device in a furious detached from a arriving Chromeboxes from Acer, ASUS and HP and we’re removing a small concerned around here to see what OEMs have to offer in a flagship Chromebook space.


Now, with Qualcomm entrance into a picture, a pull for high-end Chromebooks is apropos some-more and some-more applicable to a consumer market. The essentially mobile chipmaker has clearly settled that they are on a hunt for a over-five hundred dollar device marketplace and manufacturers of ARM and Intel-based Chromebooks would do good to get a organisation reason in that shred before Qualcomm swoops in and snatches adult a marketplace share.

So, where are a new flagship Chromebooks?

Well, we don’t have a lot of sum on a arriving device ‘Nami’ yet what we do know is that it will offer adult some of a same heading specs found in Google’s Pixelbook. Apart from a automobile form-factor, during slightest 8GB RAM, backlit keyboard and lightning quick NVMe storage a tangible pattern cues, shade distance and builder of ‘Nami’ are still a mystery. However, a new dedicate has suggested that a new Chromebook really good might residence a some-more absolute processor than a mobile Intel Core i5-7Y57/i7-7Y75 found in a Pixelbook.

Nami: Enable fan feature

Chromium Repository

Again, we don’t know if a new Chromebook will be a strange Kaby Lake 7th gen or a 8th gen Kaby Lake Plus yet it looks like it will have a CPU cooler.

If we know anything about Intel’s models and nomenclature, we know that this could embody any array of chipsets in a Kaby Lake line. The subsequent mobile processor above a Core i5-7Y57 is a “U” array most like a Skylake prototype found in a Acer Chromebook 14 for Work or C771.

With that being said, a new Chromebook could usually exaggerate a small 5% apx. energy boost and that depends on a benchmark you’re running. That is a unclothed minimum, though. Moving adult a Kaby Lake ladder could furnish a device able of distant some-more than a Pixelbook in terms of horsepower.

With rumors of new developer options on a approach and a large pull for enterprise, carrying a Chromebook with some-more energy and a ability to keep a cold underneath hours of complicated pushing will be a contingency if Google is to sell Chrome OS to users accustomed to most heftier Linux desktops and such.

Chromebook ‘Nami’ is still really most in developmental decline yet we think it won’t be alone for too long. we would not be astounded if, by midst to late summer, we have some genuine options for Chromebooks that will strive with a Pixelbook for a best inclination of 2018.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be an overwhelming year for Chrome OS.

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