Wireless (or Wired) Chromebook Printing

February 28, 2018 - chromebook

Q. How do we imitation from a Google Chromebook?

A. Wireless printers designated as “cloud-ready” are typically a many candid to use with a Chrome OS netbook. But if we have an comparison “classic” Wi-Fi printer though a “Cloud-ready” label, we should still be means to use it with your Chromebook, as prolonged as we have Google’s Chrome browser on a Windows or Mac mechanism to hoop a setup chores. (Google’s YouTube channel has videos that denote how to set adult both cloud-ready and “classic” printers to work with a Chromebook.)

If we have a cloud-ready printer already operative on your network, pointer into your Chromebook and make certain it is connected to a same network as a printer. Click your account’s form imitation and name Settings on a Chromebook. At a bottom of a Settings list, name Advanced, go to a Printing territory and name Printers. Click “Add Printer.” Choose your network’s printer and click Add. (If we do not see your printer, a Chromebook support site has instructions for adding it manually.)


Wireless printers for Chromebooks and other computers can be managed in a Google Cloud Print settings.

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To connect an comparison Wi-Fi printer to a Google Cloud Print use so your Chromebook can use it, open a Chrome browser on a Windows PC or a Mac and record into your Google account. (You can't use a Chromebook to directly set adult a printer on Google Cloud Print.) Open a Chrome Settings menu on a right side of a browser and click Advanced. Under Printing, name Google Cloud Print and afterwards “Manage Google Cloud Print devices.” Choose your printer and click “Add Printer.”

Certain Hewlett-Packard printer models work with a special Chromebook app to concede copy over a USB wire connection. If we wish to imitation that way, implement a HP Print for Chrome prolongation from a Chrome Web store. Once a prolongation is installed, a Google Print window should give we a choice to name a connected USB printer.

When we have combined a printer, press a Control and P keys on a keyboard. Click a Change symbol subsequent to Destination, name a newly combined printer and click Print.

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