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December 23, 2017 - chromebook

We know Qualcomm’s powerhouse next-generation chip, a Snapdragon 845, is going to be propitious inside many an Android flagship of 2018, as good as a horde of always connected laptops, though it sounds like a silicon could be creation a approach into Chromebooks too.

That’s according to a folks over during XDA Developers, who have speckled some hints inside a Chrome OS formula that advise it’s being prepped to run on a mobile chip. Some Chromebooks already run on chips designed for phones, including a Samsung Chromebook Plus, though this would be another step adult in performance.

Of march a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is a really good fit for Chromebooks, charity decent opening alongside glorious battery life, and some additional AI smarts. Your 2018 Chrome OS-powered laptop would run longer than ever between charges.

Problem solving

Attempts have been done to get Chromebooks using on Qualcomm processors in a past, though there have been problems removing a required drivers operative scrupulously with Linux. It would seem those problems are about to be resolved.

This year we saw Google adult a Chromebook stakes with a Pixelbook, a reward Chromebook using on i5 and i7 chips from Intel, though these lightweight laptops have had many success down during a reduction costly finish of a market.

Exactly where a new Snapdragon 845-powered Chromebooks would fit into a several ranges, and who is going to make them, stays to be seen – though if this growth does spin out to be real, you’ve got another garland of reasons to make a Chromebook your subsequent laptop.

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